Getting to Know Nick Loeb

October 28, 2011 | by Jason Jeffers
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| Talk of the Town

As the boyfriend of bewitching Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, 35-year-old Nick Loeb has faced the flashing light bulbs of hundreds of paparazzi, but it doesn’t bother him. “No one’s curious about me, they only care about her. I just happen to be next to her! You just deal with it.”

Unlike other famous boyfriends who spend their time racing cars or fronting rock bands, the entrepreneur has been busy considering hot dog toppings. His latest venture is introducing America to Onion Crunch, a fried onion topping for hot dogs, pizza and salads. He discovered it as a child in Copenhagen where his father was President Ronald Reagan’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark. “I love it on hot dogs! That’s how I grew up with it.”

Before Onion Crunch (and Vergara), Loeb was a producer for the acclaimed documentary series The Living Century that aired on PBS. On top of all that, he’s also mulling a run as a Republican candidate for the Florida Senate next year. It goes without saying, but he probably has more on his mind than the average celebrity boyfriend.

Nick Loeb’s Shortlist:

Favorite movie:The Godfather
Can be found rooting for:The New York Giants
Favorite City: Delray Beach “There are more restaurants in Downtown Delray right now than there are in Downtown D.C. It has exploded.”
Obsessions:Genealogy. “I’ve traced parts of my family back to the 1500s.”

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