Q&A: What Classixx’s Michael David Likes About Miami Music Fans

June 19, 2014 | by Christine Borges | Talk of the Town

Michael David tells us how Classixx’s Miami fans compare to those in Los Angeles, and where he gets his Cuban food fix in the Magic City. 

Classixx Tyler Blake and Michael David

Childhood friends Tyler Blake, left, and Michael David of Classix.

American producers Michael David and Tyler Blake, known together as Classixx, have remixed everyone from Major Lazer and Phoenix, to Lana Del Rey and Madonna. But this year the LA duo (who got together in 2007) is giving fans what they’ve been waiting for: performances of the tracks on Classixx's debut album, Hanging Gardens. We caught up with David before his sold-out show with headliner Cut Copy last night at Miami’s Grand Central, and got the scoop on his favorite local cuisine and what’s next for Classixx.

Any special plans while you're in Miami?
MICHAEL DAVID: Yeah. We like Cuban food a lot, so we've been eating that since we got here and drinking Cuban coffee.

Anywhere in particular?
MD: We just ate at a really great spot. It’s called Tinta y Cafe. It was right by our hotel, and it was really good. It's a small Cuban cafe.

Besides getting some great Cuban food, what's your favorite thing about performing in Miami?
MD: Everyone seems like they're in really good shape [laughs]. The crowds are usually really attractive people. That's one thing I can say about Miami for sure. Even more than Los Angeles. I feel like people wear less clothes in Miami than in LA.

Your recent collaboration with Nancy Whang on “All You’re Waiting For” has garnered a lot of attention. Do you have plans to collaborate with anyone else from DFA Records in the future?
MD: Possibly. The guys from the band Holy Ghost! are some of our closest friends, and we've been meaning to collaborate with them on something. That's something that we'd be looking forward to in the future—maybe making an original, joint track.

You’re spinning a DJ set tomorrow (June 19) with Neon Indian at the new Gap flagship store in Miami (1001 Lincoln Rd.). What can fans expect in comparison to tonight's show with Cut Copy? 
MD: Tonight they'll witness all of our compositions with keyboards and guitars. We rarely play our own stuff at DJ sets. I think it'll be similar energy [at the Gap]. We just like to make sure people are having a good time and that people are dancing. 

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