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August 07, 2013 | by Roberta Naas, | Watches

Bremont has created a new limited-edition Codebreaker watch. recently had the opportunity to spend some quality time with our good friends at the Bremont Watch Company, and we got the chance to experience the new Codebreaker watch up close and personal. It’s especially worth noting that history lovers are going to go in big for this one because it celebrates the thousands who worked tirelessly in England during World War II to break the enemy codes and bring the war to a close.

For this watch, Bremont is working closely with the Bletchley Park Trust to create a historically and mechanically important limited-edition piece that will incorporate historical artifacts from Bletchley Park, the compound where these highly esteemed code breakers and decryption experts carried out their work in complete secrecy. By inventing and using ingenious machines and novel manual techniques to crack German ciphers, the 9,000 scientists, mathematicians, and other crucial supporting staff are said to have helped shorten the war by at least two years and to have saved millions of lives. It was only in the 1970s that the work accomplished at Bletchley Park was allowed to be discussed.

The new Codebreaker watch—of which a percentage of the proceeds will be used toward the ongoing restoration of Bletchley Park—is inspired by a classic 1940s Officer’s watch. Unique to the new piece, however, is the fact that it features a never-before-created Flyback Chronograph GMT automatic movement made in cooperation with La Joux Perret. Furthermore, the watch incorporates some relevant historical artifacts from Bletchley Park, including pine from the iconic Hut 6 (the center of the operations to decrypt the German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe Enigma ciphers) for the crown, and paper from one of the few remaining punch cards (used to analyze the vast amount of coded data created from the daily Enigma communications). Part of the rotor of the watch will be made from the wheel of an original Enigma machine.

Only 290 Codebreaker watches will be created: 240 in steel and 50 in rose gold. Each of the pieces is already allotted fully to jewelers, so scope out your nearest Bremont retailer if you want in on this unique part of history. The watch will sell for $18,500 in steel and $33,995 in rose gold.

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