Hamilton Pays Homage to Its History

January 22, 2013 | by —Alexandra Calamari | Watches

In celebration of over 120 years of timekeeping, iconic American watch brand Hamilton offers the Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition as a nod to the brand’s classic marine chronometers made in the 1940s. To honor the year Hamilton was founded, there are 1,892 numbered pieces in the collection ($2,950), each housed in a Pará rubber tree wooden box to echo the packaging of the original marine chronometers.

Although American in design, Hamilton’s Khaki Navy Pioneer Limited Edition boasts Swiss-made, hand-winding movement to power the watch, with water resistance up to 100 meters. The style is equally reminiscent of the original watches, but still modern, with ocean-blue hands, a velvety-silver dial, a stainless steel case at 46.5mm, and a patterned bezel.

The timepiece also features a stainless steel cradle to transform it into a table-clock, or a brown-stitched leather band to serve as a wrist adornment. For a complete list of stores or for more information, see hamiltonwatch.com.

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