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May 23, 2013 | Watches


While in BaselWorld, posted on our Facebook page about the new Hublot LaFerrari watch—created to celebrate the partnership between Hublot and the sleek and stealth Ferrari brand. As those who love cars and watches know, the Ferrari brand has partnered with other watch brands before Hublot: Girard-Perregaux and Panerai are among them.

However, the relationship with Hublot may have been made with the idea in mind by both parties to create as something bold and uniquely different. The LaFerrari being the first example therein—created with input from both the car and watch sides. The question is, does it deliver what car and watch lovers want?

The new watch features a bold case shape that is designed to emulate the look of the stealth car. The materials used are high-tech, as is the technology. This watch holds a thus-far world record in the power reserve field. It offers a massive 50 days of power reserve—not 50 hours like many watches—50 days. Thus, one can wear this watch for just over a month and a half without having to wind it. The indication of power reserve is visible on a cylindrical readout.

The complex movement, which contains 637 pieces, includes 11 spring barrels lined up in the center of the watch and resembling a crank shaft; underscoring the automotive motif. With a full sapphire crystal, much of the movement is visible to the eye. Time (hour and minutes) is displayed on cylinders opposite the power reserve readout. The watch—which also houses a large 14.5mm flying tourbillon escapement—offers seconds on an aluminum cylinder attached to the tourbillon cage.

So, is the verdict in now? Is this what you expected from Hublot genius Jean-Claude Biver? Is this the new generation of Ferrari that everyone was waiting for? It should be noted that this world-first watch (remember 50 days of power reserve) created in a limited edition of 50 pieces retails for $345,000—certainly much less that the million-dollar car, but still a hefty figure.

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