3 Top Keynote and Motivational Speakers to Follow in 2024


3 Top Keynote and Motivational Speakers to Follow in 2024

By Claudine Arthurs Agency By Claudine Arthurs Agency | February 23, 2024 | People Sponsored Post

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of motivation and leadership with our 3 distinguished speakers of 2024. These trailblazers in keynote speaking and motivation are set to redefine success, fostering positive change and unlocking the full potential within each listener. From revealing the secrets to impactful leadership to guiding the crafting of a life of profound meaning, these speakers delve into the dynamic intersection of personal and professional growth. Join us in welcoming these exceptional thought leaders, not just as speakers but as visionaries guiding us toward a future defined by purpose, passion, and profound fulfillment.


Barbara Dalle Pezze, Ph.D. Life and Executive Coach

In my keynote I explore the dynamic intersection of empowering leadership in both business and life. I unlock the secrets to cultivating impactful leadership strategies that transcend corporate realms, fostering a ripple effect into the very fabric of personal existence. I delve into the art of crafting a life of profound meaning—one that resonates with authenticity and purpose, breaking free from societal norms and designing a life lived on your own terms. Through compelling narratives and actionable insights, I empower individuals to embrace their innate leadership potential and unique leadership style, fostering positive change in every facet of their lives.
I invite the audience to join me on a quest for meaningful, self-directed living, where leadership becomes a beacon guiding us to a future defined by purpose, passion, collaboration and profound fulfillment. I love to inspire people to redefine success, both in the boardroom and the canvas of their lives!

Bio: Dr. Barbara Dalle Pezze, a globally recognized leadership coach, speaker, and author, boasts over 18 years of experience across diverse regions—China, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. Endorsed by John Mattone, the world’s top Executive Coach and authority in Intelligent Leadership, Barbara is celebrated for her unique blend of intellect, heart, passion, and instinct. As a Ph.D. holder in Philosophy and a certified Executive Coach, Barbara collaborates with global leaders, Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, and young athletes, guiding them through transformative breakthroughs. Notably, she holds key positions as the President of Intelligent Leadership Coaching International (ILCI)-Italy and is a Founding Board Member of the Northern Italy Chapter of the International Women’s Forum (IWF). Barbara is the author of "The Unexpected Gift," a powerful memoir, and the visionary behind the 'Be to Lead Conversations Project,' empowering women to share their leadership stories. Currently working on her next book, "The Elegance Of Being Yourself," Barbara is guiding individuals toward becoming trailblazing leaders at the intersection of diversity. Her impactful journey has been showcased at international conferences, solidifying her as a sought-after speaker on the global stage. Follow on Instagram and LinkedIn


Maryann Walsh, RD, Registered Dietitian & Certified Personal Trainer

I guide professionals and busy moms on a transformative journey toward optimized energy, focus, and confidence. As a seasoned Registered Dietitian with 15 years of experience, I've had the privilege of working with thousands from all walks of life. I also share my wisdom through captivating keynote and motivational speaking. My approach revolves around attainable and sustainable nutrition and exercise habits that breathe life into your routine. I understand the challenges of juggling a demanding career or parenting responsibilities, and I've witnessed firsthand the impact of my methods on individuals seeking positive change. Together, we'll navigate a path to elevated well-being, uncovering the potential for a vibrant and fulfilling life. It's about reclaiming control, setting achievable standards, and creating a sustainable shift that goes beyond quick fixes. Embarking on this journey you’ll not only enhance your health but also rediscover the excitement of waking up each day with renewed vigor and purpose.

Bio: Maryann Walsh, a distinguished Registered Dietitian and behavioral change strategist, specializes in revitalizing exhausted professionals stuck in the "blah" zone. With her expertise and the transformative ACT method, Maryann empowers individuals to elevate their standards, shed excuses, and rewire their brains. The result? Taking back control not only of their health but also of their personal and professional lives. Maryann's journey from tolerating rejection, poor boundaries, and abuse to setting higher standards for herself is a testament to the efficacy of her approach. As a triumphant consultant for leading nutrition brands and a new mom, she embodies living life on one's own terms. Maryann is on a mission to simplify the journey to personal and professional fulfillment through her straightforward framework. Join her community on Instagram and LinkedIn for daily inspiration and practical insights.


Victoria Rader Ph.D., Possibility Coach ®

As the Possibility Coach®, transformational speaker, and founder of YU2SHINE, I am dedicated to empowering global change-makers and visionaries: mindful entrepreneurs, coaches, and spiritual seekers. My training and coaching programs and seminars guide individuals through the transformative journey of Quantum Freedom - mastery of Universal Laws and metaphysical applications for practical success; from shifting perspectives to embracing abundance through manifesting and courageous Quantum Leaps. With a wealth of experience from thousands of client sessions, speeches, and seminars, I've observed that subconscious programming defines one's fulfillment and performance. Hence, my Empower mE team and I have developed programs and services with a unique success formula—nurturing the heart, liberating the mind, and expanding talents to enable a life of infinite possibilities and abundance.

Bio: Victoria Rader, Ph.D., is a renowned Possibility Coach®, transformational speaker, and the visionary founder of YU2SHINE. As an eight-time internationally bestselling author, Victoria stands shoulder to shoulder with luminaries such as Brene Brown and Richard Branson, earning the prestigious CREA GLOBAL AWARD from Brainz Magazine for her creative ideas, adaptability in business, and commitment to sustainability and mental health projects.

With a wealth of expertise, Victoria empowers her clients to unleash their potential and unlock miracles by addressing deeply hidden problems and patterns. Through her proven formula of success, she guides clients towards a life filled with PEACE, PASSION, PURPOSE, and PROSPERITY. Victoria's accolades include a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Studies, founding partner status in the John Maxwell Leadership Team, and certifications in ThetaHealing, NLP, and Hypnosis. As the creator of Empower-mE and Master-mE apps, and the founder of Free mE EFT and Quantum Freedom techniques, Victoria is committed to breaking the limitations of subconscious programming. Her passion lies in teaching universal and spiritual principles, fostering love and understanding, and catalyzing powerful shifts in well-being, finances, businesses, and relationships for her clients. Follow Victoria on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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