5 Fall Fragrances at a Fair Price


5 Fall Fragrances at a Fair Price

By: Getfluence SAS By: Getfluence SAS | October 11, 2022 | Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

It’s scientifically proven that scent is deeply entwined with emotion and memory, which makes choosing your perfume highly subjective. Everyone has a personal preference towards a certain aromatic note and rightly so — how a perfume smells can evoke feelings of confidence and pleasure or moments to reminisce.

Known for their affordable alternatives to classic scents, Dossier believes everyone deserves to smell like luxury. As the weather shifts from warm to cool, consider changing your fragrance line-up with these seasonal selections from Dossier’s collection of women’s perfume.

Crisp Autumn Air

Screen_Shot_2022-10-10_at_9_42_37_PM.png Ambery Vanilla ($29)

This sophisticated fruity-floral must-have fuses elegant orange blossoms with jasmine flowers, and layers in pear mixed with a subtle hint of licorice. Warm aromas of deep vanilla and black coffee play together beautifully as a finishing note. Ambery Vanilla’s luscious scent is reminiscent of the crisp autumn air during morning latte runs and strolls through your local farmers market brimming with autumn’s bounty. It is truly a woman’s treasured keepsake for her daytime excursions.

Dark Academia

Screen_Shot_2022-10-10_at_9_42_58_PM.pngWoody Chestnut ($29)

Spicy and provocative, this is a refined pick for a romantic evening. A smoky dose of Gaiac and Cade woods with a touch of chestnut serve as the base while hints of pink pepper and cloves follow to maintain its sultry sparkle. Woody Chestnut evokes a dark academic ambiance like that of quaint library fireplaces, rainstorms by candlelight, and aged, leather bound books.

Cool Weather Cigars

Screen_Shot_2022-10-10_at_9_43_37_PM.pngPowdery Tobacco ($39)

Fall’s cool temperatures may arguably be the best season for smoking cigars. And the sweet honey notes of tobacco leaves take center stage in this opulent, cigar-esque fragrance. Lit up by a touch of ginger and deepened aromas thanks to tonka bean, vanilla, cacao, and dry fruit, Powdery Tobacco embodies the cozy atmosphere of a dimly lit London cigar lounge on a blustery evening.

Bonfire Bliss

Screen_Shot_2022-10-10_at_9_44_03_PM.pngGourmand Patchouli ($29)

Childhood delight is bottled in Gourmand Patchouli. A bouquet of sugary spirits like cacao, marshmallow, and grilled almonds come together to create a transportative aroma that brings to mind late night fireside chats with friends. The base note of patchouli gives an earthy element to the heart of the fragrance with a yummy finale of caramel and vanilla. The woman who fashions herself in this blend is sweet, playful, and nostalgic — a winning combination.

Sultry Spice

Ambery Saffron ($49)

An evocative enigma, Ambery Saffron is an intoxicating experience thanks to the flaming heat of saffron. Its potency is well balanced with a strong breeze of cedarwood, jasmine and amber. This fall fragrance exudes sophistication and mystery while warming you up on every excursion, from leisurely afternoons leaf peeping to evening escapades with a cocktail in hand.

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