MENIN Hospitality Proposal


MENIN Hospitality & Ocean Drive Magazine

Online Content Proposal


MENIN Hospitality has the opportunity to partner with Ocean Drive on an exclusive and custom online/digital campaign. We invite MENIN Hospitality to showcase their bars, restaurants and mixologists in a cool and organic way, bringing their brand to life with cutting edge video and digital capabilities.

Ocean Drive has long standing relationships with a variety of wine and spirits brands/portfolios including Beam Suntory, Brown Forman, William Grant & Sons, Royal Wines, Anna Cordoniu and more. Ocean Drive will produce 3 series of 4 videos (12 videos total) to be filmed at MENIN Hospitality properties, featuring Menin's mixologists as they create custom cocktails that highlight a specific portfolio's brands. We strive to "connect the dots" and ask MENIN to consider including the featured cocktails on their menu for a specific amount of time (*deliverables to be determined and agreed upon by both parties). As well as creating exposure for MENIN Hospitality, this partnership will allow for deeper partnerships and relationships that are mutually beneficial between our liquor partners and MENIN Hospitality. 

This content will live on the homepage, as well as a custom landing page, with content to be promoted via our social media platforms, and opt-in subscriber lists.



Partnership Outline

Ocean Drive will develop three 4-video series, with a MENIN Mixologist creating various cocktails using a specific portfolio's products. Each series will be filmed at a separate MENIN Hospitality location. All videos will contain consistent references to both the featured product and the MENIN Hospitality location, with further mentions included on the post page for each video. Final concept can be refined with imput from relevant parties.


GreenGale will promote all content via the homepage of the Content will also be promoted via our robust social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well as promoted via our opt-in email subscriber list.

Deliverables & Pricing

- Ocean Drive to produce three video series, each containing 4 videos, at three seperate MENIN Hospitality locations. Final video files will be provided to all parties after production for whichever use they see fit.   
- All videos to be given prime homepage rotator coverage on 
- All videos to live in perpetuity on, as well as a custom landing page (right) 
- 4 sponsored Facebook posts promoting the series
- 4 sponsored Twitter posts promoting the series
- 4 sponsored Instagram posts promoting the series

Commitment: This program is provided to MENIN Hospitality free of charge, upon providing locations for videos to be shot at.


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