Introducing Miami's New Pop-Up Wagyu Dining Experience


Introducing 'Now & Den'—Miami's New Pop-Up Wagyu Dining Experience

Paige Mastrandrea | May 4, 2021 | Food & Drink Lifestyle

Indulgent decadence is taken to new heights at Miami's newest pop-up dining experience at Azabu Miami Beach, presenting Now & Den: A Wagyu Series by Chef Tadaaki Ishizaki.

Now Den

Chef Tadaaki Ishizaki

Azabu Miami Beach has remained one of the most esteemed dining destinations in the city for authentic Japanese kaiseki and omakase cuisine since its inception in 2018. Now, they are reinventing the wheel as they turn the decadence up a notch with the debut of its newest three-month dining experience: Now & Den: A Wagyu Series. Here, guests will be taken on a wildly explorative culinary journey, dining on the highest grade Japanese Wagyu beef that spans several courses, presenting the covetable ingredient in a variety of forms with varying flavor profiles.

Now Den

Premium Japanese Wagyu

Helmed by Chef Tadaaki Ishizaki who boasts 10 years of expertise in Japanese-style dry-aged beef, serving as a founding member of the Japan Dry Aging Beef Promotion Board, the series invites guests to experience his craft up close and personal in the beautiful and intimate Den of Azabu from Wednesday-Saturday each week, from now until July 17, 2021. From Miyazaki Gyu, Satsuma Gyu, Premium WAOH Wagyu or Tokachi Poroshiri Wagyu, each dish will allow diners to experience the world of wagyu in a truly memorable way.

Now Den

Kombu marinated wagyu sashimi with miso marinade egg yolk and botarga

The meal starts off with a mouthwatering take on the classic chawan mushi dish, presented with uni custard, wagyu, king crab, truffle and truffle foam; followed by three melt-in-your-mouth pieces of kombu marinated wagyu sashimi with miso marinade egg yolk and botarga. Next is an assortment of appetizers including wagyu and scallop skewers, squid and ikura atop bone marrow, dashi marinated eggplant and mozzarella cheese doma tofu. Other highlights include a beef tail soup and indulgent omakase-style nigiri pieces, from Japanese uni x toro to seared wagyu with melted uni butter. Rounding out the meal is a sweet strawberry dessert with frozen yuzu and macerated strawberries.

Chawan Mushi

Chawan mushi with uni custard, wagyu and king crab

As you make your way from one dish to the next in the expertly-prepared, intentionally sequenced journey, prepare to be stunned as each dish takes on a life of its own, bursting with flavor and leaving an impression. During Chef's three-month residency, tastings will be offered with two seatings at 7pm and 9:30pm, starting at $220/person. Reservations can be made HERE.

Wagyu Appetizers

Assorted appetizers

Photography by: Photo by Anthony Nader