The Collection Women of Influence Opportunity





Ocean Drive and The Collection present an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the making of Ocean Drive’s highly anticipated
May/June feature of Miami's most influential women.

Ocean Drive and The Collection go behind the wheel with 6 of Miami’s leading female change-makers.

The annual May/June issue of Ocean Drive magazine is dedicated to introducing Miami’s most influential and powerful female opinion-leaders to the city in an editorial feature with beautiful full-pages. Ocean Drive offers a behind-the-lens opportunity for The Collection to go on set for a video shoot with these leading women, which will be unveiled on in a multi-part series. The candid, taped conversations from the video shoot will focus on their passions, their style, giving back, leisure activities and what sets them apart.

Discussions will be filmed incorporating sponsor passion points of a vehicle and how this ties back to each leading woman’s own aesthetic and ethos. Questions may include topics regarding technology, innovation, style and fashion as well as how these pillars contribute to each woman’s inspiration and vision for their work.

A vehicle from The Collection may be organically incorporated into the video shoot. The Collection may also provide round-trip transportation to each of the women to the video shoot as well as round trip transportation to the celebratory event after the magazine debuts. Each honoree will be offered the car for a week-long test drive before or after the photo shoot.

The video series will begin at the site of the Women of Influence editorial shoot and incorporate behind the scenes footage of the shoot as well as video interviews with each honoree.



Videos will launch at the beginning of May to coincide with the online feature being posted on and on Ocean Drive’s You Tube channel. This 6 week campaign will feature each week a new video featuring an honoree on and on The Collection's social media channels. 


Ocean Drive will pre-promote each new video through its robust social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. In addition, each honoree will be asked to share on their digital platforms if applicable. Ocean Drive will kickoff the online content with a pop-up window that will appear on Ocean Drive will also send out a Spotlight email of the article with a link to the video to Ocean Drive’s 14,000 + op-in newsletter subscribers. Ocean Drive will also make best efforts for each woman to share at least one post on their social media for the week they have the car (if they have accepted to take the car).

Additional Media

Each video will feature a :15 second pre-roll ad for The Collection prior to the video playing.

Additional PR

Ocean Drive will create a traditional PR campaign announcing the partnership with The Collection. During the 6 week campaign Ocean Drive will supply to The Collection video to be used on The Collection's social media channels. In addition, Ocean Drive will reveal the featured Women of Influence, introduce what the series is, when it starts, where to find it, as well as including photos of all the honorees at the editorial site with a vehicle. 


Ocean Drive will create a customized hashtag to promote the series. i.e. #ODWomenofInfluence #ODDrivenTheCollection


(1) Spread for May/June
(1) B-Roll video of the Women of Influence shoot (sponsored by the collection) Videos (including :15 and :30 sec spots to be used for social media) will also be made available to The Collection to share across their social media platforms
- Video pre-roll (collection video appearing before Women of Influence shoot)
- (2) Ocean Drive e-Newsletters for the promotion of the videos and articles
- (1) Dedicated eBlast for the promotion of the videos and article
- (2) Weeks pop-up, promoting videos and article
- (2) Ocean Drive Instagram posts for the promotion of the videos and article
- (2) Ocean Drive Facebook posts for the promotion of the videos and article



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