Vuliwear Opportunity



2017 Integrated Marketing Partnership


Ocean Drive magazine will work with Vuliwear to produce a custom, fully-integrated digital campaign. The program will serve to generate buzz and awareness around Vuliwear among our engaged audience, while simultaneously driving traffic for the brand.


Custom Digital Campaign

Ocean Drive magazine will utilize our targeted and strategic digital assets to create an engaging online program to promote and showcase the Vuliwear brand. The program will consist of the following:

Run of Site Display Advertising

Vuliwear will receive run of site display advertising across all channels of the Ocean Drive website at 33% share of voice (utilizing 970x90 large leaderboard, 300x250 medium rectangle, 300x600 half page, and 728x90 interstitial with 468x60 and 320x50 mobile versions). This opportunity allows Vuliwear to wrap relevant and timely editorial content for four (4) weeks, aligning the brand with premium luxury content.

Ad units can incorporate rich media to bring the ads to life for readers. All units will be hyperlinked to the Vuliwear website.

Dedicated Email Blast

Vuliwear will have the opportunity to create targeted messaging delivered directly to the inbox of our high-quality opt-in email subscribers. Our lists are verified by Claritas to have 20% of subscribers with incomes >$1MM. We also have strong open rates, with blasts consistently achieving open rates of approx. 15 - 20%. All dedicated e-blasts have optional a/b subject line testing, as well as unique send times per individual suscriber (based upon time of day that subscriber is most likely to open email) to ensure maximum engagement.

Monthly Editorial e-Newsletter Promotion

Your brand will be positioned in front of our coveted opt-in subscribers with promotional units within Ocean Drive magazine's bi-monthly editorial email newsletter. Units include top leaderboard and bottom rail ad banners, or promotional advertorial units, pending inventory availability. All units hyperlinked to your website to drive traffic and engagement.

Social Media Promotion

Ocean Drive will promote Vuliwear to our engaged followers via our social media channels. Content can be determined after consultation between Vuliwear & Ocean Drive content editors.




The Vuliwear Program

- 4 weeks ROS advertising at 33% SOV (utliizing 970x90 large leaderboard,  
300x250 medium rectangle, 300x600 half page, and 728x90 interstitial)   
- 1 dedicated eBlast 
- 1 eNewsletter placement  
- 2 social media posts

Total Investment: $5,000 NET


Through our strategic distribution model and significant investment in verified data from Nielsen Claritas, GreenGale Publishing is the only regional, lifestyle publishing company that is guaranteed to reach the sophisticated and affluent audience in each of our cities.

• Annual Household Income of $250,000 or More

• Income-Producing Assets of $750,000 or More


• Our sites receive over 70,000 unique visitors a month, and generate over 120,000 pageviews

• We maintain a strong social presence across the US, with 52,000+ Twitter followers,  73,000+ Facebook likes, and 80,000+ Instagram followers.  

• We also have a strong email marketing platform, with 15,000+ opt-in email addresses.


• Our sites use a custom PHP backend, which allows us greater flexibility with custom content than our competitiors. Sites are fully scalable, and optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. 







For additional information, please contact:  

Olivia Falcione 
[email protected]