A Call To Animal Lovers and Adoption Seekers


A Call To Animal Lovers and Adoption Seekers

Annie Kurnick | April 12, 2021 | Lifestyle Events

In an effort to promote animal welfare and alleviate pet homelessness, an inspirational partnership came together to launch a new series of events, PAWS at The Underline.

During this pandemic-dominated era, we find a greater appreciation for the things in our lives that bring a sense of comfort and normalcy. Some turn to family while some prefer newly found hobbies—but many find the feeling in the presence of their beloved pets who make home, home. Now, more than ever, it is time to celebrate our furry friends who have been our most loyal partners on this long journey.

In an effort to salute puppy power, Miami-Dade County Animal Services Department partnered with Friends of The Underline and Friends of Miami Animals Foundation to launch PAWS at The Underline, a public programming series featuring pet adoptions every first Saturday of the month, while also educating the community on the importance of animal welfare.

Offering a playful atmosphere for both visitors and the adorable, adoptable shelter pets searching for a home, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava says, “We look forward to the ongoing partnership and bringing pets closer to our neighborhoods and showcasing The Underline as a venue where the community gathers.”

The event is committed to safety, adhering to social distancing guidelines so attendees will feel securely welcomed while enjoying fresh air and loads of animal love.

While we all could use some more loving in our lives, alleviating pet homelessness is both rewarding and honorable. And as these lovable little creatures live to add priceless value to our lives, the collaborative event of PAWS at The Underline offers us the opportunity to return the favor.

Photography by: Thumbnail image courtesy of priscilladepreez/unsplash