Albert Chavez Shares His Advice on How to Overcome Anxiety


Albert Chavez Shares His Advice on How to Overcome Anxiety

| April 6, 2021 | Sponsored Post


Anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, warring thoughts, and in some instances physical changes such as increased blood pressure. Many individuals become anxious when they face potentially harmful or mysterious situations. These feelings are ordinary and necessary for human survival. To any businessperson or salesperson, anxiety is an inevitable part of their business undertaking. These individuals often face many responsibilities that have to be addressed regularly, and some decisions leave them anxious about the outcome. Regardless of the business's flexibility, the commitment to be successful keeps them under constant pressure.

Mortgage loan officer Albert Chavez had a challenging sales journey. During his 20 years as a salesperson, he had to survive solely on commission. Through hard work, commitment and perseverance, Chavez has conquered all obstacles that landed in his way. His ability to withstand the tough challenges in the mortgage industry goes a long way to show his skills in overcoming and conquering anxiety in different situations. In his career, Chavez has stuck to his philosophy of giving service without any expectations in return. As a result, his brand is recognized for loyalty and trustworthiness.

A proud family man and father of three, Chavez believes in persevering and being honest with oneself. In his early sales life, the road was so bumpy that at one point he even thought of giving up. But since he was determined and had set individual goals, he managed to remain calm and collected amid uncertainties. He sat himself down, weighed his option, and made the right decision by recalling why he had started in the first place; he needed a job that gave him money, time, and the opportunity to explore his desired lifestyle, and that is what the sales job was promising. At 48, Chavez now is a proud grandfather. He has the time and resources to enjoy life with his grandchild, all because he could remain collected and make the right decisions.

From his own experience, Chavez advises individuals to apply the following four tips when faced with anxious situations.

  • Think positively

One major way of keeping our brains off the stress track is by thinking positively and considering delightful and positive things. Filling the mind with positive thoughts while envisioning the best outcome will also make the impossible seem possible.

  • Evading the avoidance trap

The uncomfortable emotions resulting from anxiety causes many people to fall into the trap of completely avoiding the situation to escape those emotions. Avoiding problems does not solve the fear of anxiety; it only worsens the situation by creating more uncertainties.

  • Acceptance

Anxiety is a normal condition necessary for survival, as described earlier. No matter how much one tries to avoid it, one will still feel anxious from time to time. Therefore, anxiety should be accepted as the first step to finding a real solution to the issue at stake.

  • Changing attitude toward work

Sometimes, changing the way one approaches or engages in different scenarios in the workplace can help create the feel-good factor essential for managing anxious situations.

In a nutshell, Chavez sees anxiety as a test of how an individual reacts to events. Anxiety management is key to the survival of any business.

Photography by: Albert Chavez