Ali Saghi Shares His Journey of Building A Massive Social Media Following For His Stock Market Insights


Ali Saghi Shares His Journey of Building A Massive Social Media Following For His Stock Market Insights

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Gaining a massive social media following is every millennial's ambition in this digital era. Everyone is rushing to have a huge number of followers as they prove vital not just for the reputation but also for business activities. There are a lot of people making a living off of social media, due to their massive following. Gaining a big following is not an easy task, especially if you are not an already established brand. However, there are ways to build a following when you offer value to your audience. This is what the young stock exchange market expert Ali Saghi has done. He has built a following and has taken TikTok and Discord by storm in just a few months. This is quite amazing, considering he is not into the entertainment content. He is sharing content on finance, especially related to stocks and the stock market.

Ali Saghi is a 16-year-old stock market expert from Los Angeles, California. With only three years of experience in the field, Saghi has achieved tremendous success in the stock market. He has turned to various social media platforms such as TikTok and Discord to educate others on stocks. His TikTok account gained over 350,000 followers in five months. He also runs one of the world's largest stock discords that gained over 50,000 within a month.

His decision to start educating others on financial literacy, especially stocks, was after he made a six-figure earning within his first month of trading. He found it easy to turn to TikTok as his preferred platform since it was the most popular among individuals of his age. He drew his attention to Discord after he started working with another big stock discord promoting their services. After months of working with them and understanding the potential of Discord, he linked up with his friend Gavin Mayo to run and operate a Discord called Luxury Equities. Saghi found it easy to navigate through Discord as it was a platform he had been using previously for two years when he was a gamer.

Luxury Equities is one of the biggest stock discords and the duo who created it are planning to develop a website and app for Luxury Equities where other traders can connect and share ideas. Saghi and Mayo have shifted their focus completely to Luxury Equities as they believe it will soon become something big in the stock market niche. Currently, they have over 50,000 members, and the community is growing every day.

So, what is the secret to gaining the massive social media following

According to Saghi, it was easier to create a brand and gain more followers on TikTok since it was a new platform. His content was new and had a different touch that made him stand out. His experience on other social media platforms also helped him grow a lot on TikTok.

With Discord, the same concept was applied. He worked hard with his partner Gavin to ensure that they were the best stock discord. The comprehensive financial literacy lessons with an emphasis on stocks attracted more members.

The unique ability of Saghi and Mayo to build good relationships with their followers helped them grow a lot on social media. They use their real names across all the social media platforms to improve their authenticity and visibility. Saghi is active on social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat where users can reach out to him.

Photography by: Ali Saghi