An Aspiring OnlyFans Model with Big Dreams


An Aspiring OnlyFans Model with Big Dreams

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | October 28, 2022 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post

“We live in a time of astounding technological advancements. There are deep-sea drones and live-streaming virtual reality.” – Jenna Wortham


The world of online content creation is evolving virtually every day. Content creators have become accustomed to producing more personalized content rather than playing to their strengths. With Facebook and Instagram reels becoming increasingly generic, content creators are finding ways to engage viewers more creatively. But let’s not forget about OnlyFans, which has become one of the finest content creation platforms since the pandemic. With adult content highlighting its significance, most creators found ways to capitalize on a growing sector and generate revenue. However, Wallie Sue has taken a step further and continues to use her online landscape.

Wallie Sue, famously known as the Weeb Empress, is a TikTok and OnlyFans sensation that took the world by storm with her staggering figure and stunning looks. Experiencing a traumatic childhood, Wallie was psychologically and emotionally abused by her toxic guardianship. With eight other siblings being a part of her household, she didn’t receive the attention a teenager craves, so she sought help. She connected with Tirus Kimble, who was in a toxic relationship of his own. He left everything for Wallie and rescued her from the clutches of being under abusive guardianship.

The world of virtual content can be tough to get into, especially with the exciting creators making their mark on the overall landscape. For someone like Wallie, it could’ve been hard. However, she’s one of the few OnlyFans models with a good reputation on the platform after being named a 0.1% earner there. Not only is she flourishing in the online content creation sector, but she’s making it her playground.

With OnlyFans and other content creation platforms slowly taking over the internet, it’s high time people start taking them seriously. And with unemployment factors looming and rising worldwide, these platforms can be just the opportunity they need. In fact, if a young model like Wallie can earn big through these platforms, why can’t anyone else? It’s about making the right decision at the right time.

Now, Wallie has also decided to return to the community, especially for girls who are experiencing mental health concerns in their lives. So, she started a business with her lover, Tirus, called the Weeb Dynasty. From the earnings, she donates thousands of dollars monthly to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She sells her personal belongings, like used underwear, to her fans and collectors. She aims to help young women in distress or with mental health issues get better treatment and be financially independent.

Wallie doesn’t stop there! She also wants other people, especially young girls, to take the route of online content creation and embark on their financial journey on TikTok and OnlyFans. With the economic situation in the world deteriorating, it’s only a matter of time before conventional jobs become a thing of the past. So, she wants to raise her voice and encourage others to prepare for possible challenging economic times ahead and work on elevating their income opportunities.

Wallie’s acts of kindness epitomize how contrasting her behavior is toward the society that neglected her for being different. Her strong will and character helped her become a force to be reckoned with and a role model for others walking the same dark alley. She also wants people to live their lives on their terms. After all, these are uncertain times. Nobody knows what the future holds. What if the world is hit with another pandemic, and the human race becomes completely extinct? Wallie wants everyone not to be oppressed by the people around them. Take a stand and become the best version of themselves.

So, as the world continues to battle different crises, having someone like Wallie making a difference even in her line of work is admirable. And she’s making quite an impact by being a role model for many content creators and women. Who knows? She might also inspire a reader of this article. Only time will tell.

Photography by: Wallie Sue