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As Influencers Seek Content That Highlights Their Natural Beauty Cosmetic Doctors, like Dr. Nina Bal, Become the New “Thing”


As Influencers Seek Content That Highlights Their Natural Beauty Cosmetic Doctors, like Dr. Nina Bal, Become the New “Thing”

Thomas Herd | June 30, 2020 |


After the wave of Instagram & Tik Tok has become front and center on the world’s stage, several social media trends have, as well. One of which, has been a talk that has been going on for decades. The battle between plastic surgery and natural beauty. Whether it’s a struggle for identity, or a struggle for attention, in today’s generation, both are becoming one in the same.

Check the explore page, swipe through videos on tik tok, countless teenage girls are being a little too revealing in the name of attention. Yet, where does it land them? Usually, and I mean usually, because there are always those few exceptions, it lands them amongst the rest of them, not very far at all. In a generation where the general public have taken the route of doing things beneath their dignity to become more influential, individual identity has been the leading indicator of success for influencers looking to make a name for themselves.


Studies show that when images focus primarily on a person’s body, the psychological affect on the viewer is in seeing the person as less intelligible, and less worth listening to. Yet, images focusing on a person’s face, or artwork, and the like, have a more profound influence on the viewer. Well, its not only shown scientifically, but the latest trend of influencers is a focus on the personal brand, story, and distinct characteristics and it means a trend for the cosmetic industry, as well. This is expected to only rise during the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

Like any industry, the cosmetic industry changes with the trends of pop culture and social media. To cater to peoples’ latest wants and needs, it takes an ever changing approach. Yet, some are more prepared than others for today’s growing trend. Dr. Nina Bal, for example, is a specialist that has attracted countless influencers & celebrities to her cosmetic practice in a need to highlight their natural characteristics and bring out their inner beauty through natural means. With her growing half million follower instagram page, she continuously shows her following, life changing natural operations she does on her clients. The best part about her work as a cosmetic doctor, is that it’s all natural, utilizing tweaks and well trained techniques that enhance the natural beauty of the client. As people hone in more and more on their personal brand, the trend towards natural cosmetics will continue growing more and more popular, and I can see it eventually taking fold as the hot topic of 2020 and decades ahead.

For Dr. Nina, it isn’t something she’s just picked up for fun. She’s been studying the art of natural beauty enhancement for over a decade, from studying at top schools in Europe, to gaining tons of experience working for another medical practice, she’s a cosmetic artist in her own right, attracting the attention of the masses, and slowly but surely making a name for herself as the leading Cosmetic Doctor of the 21st century. When fashion influencers, and TV show stars are in London, Dr. Nina Bal is one of the places to go see for those looking to leave London, new and improved. With the growing trends following this direction, she’s one of the Doctors that have highly benefited from being the top expert in the field.

How new comers adopt to this new trend? Well, for starters, we have to ditch the galore of fake everything. We, as the younger generation, have to be continuing to push the envelope on being our true selves in every way. It will take courage that we each are all made with all the beauty we need inside of us. Yet, it will in the long run, lead to us leading a journey, and building audience & friendship, around our true selves.

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