Barton & Guestier's Jewel From Provence: Tourmaline Rosé


Barton & Guestier's Jewel From Provence: Tourmaline Rosé

by Modern Luxury Editors by Modern Luxury Editors | September 30, 2021 | Food & Drink, Feature, Sponsored Post, Features,

For the self-appointed wine connoisseur, savor the authentic taste of France’s most beloved wine region for rosé, Provence.


Barton & Guestier showcased their latest vintage wine, the 2020 Côtes de Provence Tourmaline Rosé, celebrating the vineyard’s signature appellation and world-renowned style. Drawing its name from the rarified pink gem, Tourmaline embodies the provençal ‘joie de vivre’ spirit of glamour, joy and authenticity. Created by Véronique Florentin, the passionate winemaker brings her 15 years of experience in rosé vinifications to the terroir production of Barton & Guestier’s vineyards and cellars situated close to the beautiful Saint Tropez. “Through this true-to-type Provence rosé, we are reaching excellence, the best that Provence can bring,” says Véronique.

The latest jewel in the Barton & Guestier crown, this vintage pink wine exudes the French glamour reminiscent of Saint Tropez and the French Riviera. A seductively dry, balanced wine, the 2020 Côtes de Provence Tourmaline Rosé provides a smooth and delicious palate ending with a refreshing sensation. Softly fragranced, the nose picks up aromas of apricots, ripe red berries and citrus fruits followed by a floral note of white lily. The glass of rosé shimmers with a light pink color and maintains a beautiful purple reflection for all to admire. Low in sugar and reasonable in alcohol level, the freshness of the appellation is preserved with a glass closure. The glittering Tourmaline gem in the punt of the bottle adds flair and sophistication to this exquisite Provence rosé.


“Tourmaline has its own winery, it is a strong point with a perfect technical mastery which is key to rosé,” says Barton & Guestier’s head winemaker Laurent Prada. “We master the entire process of wine making which makes all the difference and places us on a rosé of high quality.” The delicate production of 2020 Côtes de Provence Tourmaline Rosé encaptures the romantic essence of the provençal way of life from grape to bottle. Escape to the alluring realm of Southern France with your culinary passport courtesy of Barton & Guestier.

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Photography by: Barton & Guestier