Bianca Peters on Her Miami Haute Spots


Bianca Peters on Her Miami Haute Spots

By Katie Jackson | May 8, 2019 | People Feature

Bianca Peters is a news personality-turned-entrepreneur with a penchant for a picante at Soho Beach House and a turn around the dance floor at Gramps this summer.


Favorite place to bust a move? I would consider my moves to be slightly on par with MC Hammer (due to liquid courage). So I need room when I break it down. And pizza. Gramps in Wynwood has both, along with a low-key vibe reminiscent of Key West.

Most-used beauty item: Glossier Cloud Paint. It’s blush in a tube, effortless, blendable and the only thing I need to put on so people don’t ask me if I’m sick when I don’t want to put a full face of makeup on.

Go-to cocktail: You don’t mess with perfection! Which is why I never order anything else besides a picante at Soho Beach House.

The best workout in Miami is... SOL Yoga. Be prepared to sweat out all your sins from the previous week. At the end you get a freezing lavender/peppermint towel on your face. It’s absolute heaven.


Photography by: photo by genesis bonilla