Bilal Junaid on the Importance of Financial and Time Freedom


Bilal Junaid on the Importance of Financial and Time Freedom

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 30, 2021 | Sponsored Post

All work and no time to rest will eventually have you feeling overworked and burnt out. These days, everybody is looking to find some kind of work-life balance as well as meaning in their craft. Not only should one enjoy the results of their hard work, they should also enjoy the process. Ultimately, you need to be level-headed and grounded to create better work results. Bilal Junaid is always emphasizing the importance of building financial freedom that then allows for freedom of time.


Freedom means operating without constraint. Though challenges will always naturally exist, they are not meant to burn you out . As a business entrepreneur, time is of the essence. You are always working to ensure that all your clients’ needs are being met. You are also working hard to see that your business is running well. However, in the background, we should not forget that some things like sleep, are also important. It is recommended that you have at least eight full hours of sleep. You need to set aside time that you can even spend with your family. If you rest well, your mind will produce better results. Fatigue can cause your brain to slow down the process of generating the best ideas.

You also need to ensure that your business does not have too accelerated of a runway. It is stressful to run a business with a high burn rate. Yes, the first few months or years of your business, you might need to invest a lot of capital. However, later with time, the business should be able to slowly generate returns and earn your cost basis back. If you see that your business is only suffering losses, either check on how to optimize your existing processes or perhaps consider that this business might not be for you.

Bilal Junaid has advised numerous companies on the importance of you having that freedom with your business. Time and finances can either help or hurt you.

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