Birks Collection Debuts in Miami

—LIANA LOZADA | April 8, 2013 | The Latest Homepage Latest

A premier purveyor of luxury jewelry since 1910, Mayors Jewelers’ Miami area boutiques will be among the first in the U.S. to carry its new Birks Collection, an original jewelry series created by Mayors’ Canadian umbrella brand, Birks. Pieces will begin arriving in stores this May, with three exquisite collections to choose from. Made to accommodate bespoke engravings, pieces in the Birks Muse range take design notes from the brand’s first boutique in Old Montreal, while the other two lines, Birks Rosée Du Matin and Birks Snowflake, are inspired by the region’s wintry landscape. Local style setters invited to the brand’s unveiling party and Champagne lunch at the Four Seasons Miami will be the first to eye the collection in person, but you can get a sneak peek in the slideshow above.

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