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1 - Bombshell Beauty
Alessandra Ambrosio

Victoria’s Secret released its Summer Bombshell campaign with the help of the Angels. Alessandra Ambrosio helped with the launch in Miami, and we asked a few questions.

Who is your favorite bombshell?
ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO: I loved the past Victoria’s Secret models like Eva [Herzigova] and Heidi [Klum]. But I think every woman can be a bombshell if she has the confidence and the right tools.

What are you favorite places in Miami?
AA: I love the beach around Fifth Street. I like going paddle boarding on the ocean. There are so many good hotels with great shops and, of course, Joe’s.

Where do you like to vacation in the summer?
AA: St. Tropez, Ibiza, Bali—so many places. I really want to go to the Seychelles.

What are your personal summer beauty tips?
AA: You should wear a new fragrance every season to keep it fresh and fun. And SPF is a must.

I’m sure you’ve learned a few things beauty-wise during your career.
AA: I learned how to put on fake lashes. I use the individual ones, the singles ones don’t bother you. I took me seven to eight years to learn. But I love them and I can do it myself.

What color for summer do you love?
AA: I think brights and whites are great. I love white nail polish. I used to wear it when I was a kid… and recently I was doing photo shoots and they had white and I loved it so now I’ve been wearing it again.

What’s on your summer playlist?
AA: Broken Bells, Adele and of course Brazilian Bossa Nova. I just saw Preta Gil in concert and I loved her. She’s Gilberto Gil’s daughter and she has so much energy

Do you work out during the summer?
AA: Yoga once a week at least in order to stretch, and then I love being outdoors so it depends on the location: swimming, paddle boarding, hiking. Whatever the place offers.

And do you ever break your diet?
AA: It depends on what’s in front of me, but I do love ice cream sundaes with chocolate sauce, nuts and cream.

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