Prestige Imports CEO Brett David on The Watch Every Miami Man Needs


Prestige Imports CEO Brett David on The Watch Every Miami Man Needs

By Katie Jackson | April 22, 2019 | Watches & Jewelry People

Prestige Imports CEO Brett David brings Ocean Drive into his world of ultraluxe timepieces.

brett-david.jpg“The same guy who collects vehicles collects watches and vice versa,” says Prestige Imports CEO Brett David.

What made you decide to start collecting watches?
BRETT DAVID: I started collecting watches right around 2007, when I was introduced to the Audemars Piguet brand. I fell in love with my first AP, which was a Royal Oak Offshore. That triggered this entire concept of developing a collection. Originally, my father had started collecting watches but was a fan of many other brands. Nothing really caught my eye like AP did.

What do you look for in a watch?
BD: It’s ironic, but it never ends up starting because I go shopping for a new piece for the collection. Every single watch that I have has organically come to me. Sometimes it’s simply a client looking to trade in on a vehicle. For me, I’m a very visual person. Seeing something in person on the skin is very different than seeing it in photos.

Which watch holds the most meaning to you?
BD: My favorite watch—it’s not because it’s my favorite designer, my favorite look or my favorite metal. It’s because it was my father’s watch. It’s a blue and gold Ulysse Nardin. When he purchased that watch, it was the first time I ever saw my father actually do something for himself.


Favorite designer of the moment?
BD: Audemars Piguet. The brand is extremely progressive. The designs are modern yet classy. I love the fact that their production numbers are still low enough for them to be a rare watch. Some watches from their special series are some of the most beautiful and iconic timepieces.

What’s one watch every Miami man needs?
BD: Miami really symbolizes simple things, like the Rolex Daytona, an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or even a Ulysse Nardin Diver. But there are so many different watches today that scream an individual design and look based on the owner’s usage. One of the things I think a Miami man needs to have in his collection is a rubber clasp watch. It’s something that can be worn with a suit and also on the boat on Sundays with the family.