Elite Model Camila Kendra on Working with Rihanna & Advice for Aspiring Models


Elite Model Camila Kendra on Working with Rihanna & Advice for Aspiring Models

By Katie Jackson | December 13, 2018 | People

Elite Model Camila Kendra on slaying stereotypes and where to find the best cup of Cuban coffee in the Magic City.


How was it to work with Rihanna on the Savage X Fenty campaign?
CAMILA KENDRA: In the beginning of my modeling career, I did not feel comfortable with my body. When Savage X Fenty hired me, I was ecstatic that a company accepted me as I was. Savage X Fenty makes me feel beautiful and comfortable in my own skin. I feel honored to work with a brand that is accepting and embracing women of all sizes. It is a judgement-free environment with great people who are extremely professional and respectful. It’s an opportunity I’ll never forget.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a shoot?
CK: When I worked for Boohoo, I had to walk on the edge of a skyscraper.

What makes you feel sexy?
CK: High heels.

If you weren’t a model…
CK: I would be an airline pilot like my father and brother.


How do you prep the night before a shoot?
CK: I make sure to have a nice meal with my mother, take a relaxing bath and go to sleep as early as possible.

Cheat meal?
CK: I don’t like to use that phrase. If I crave something, I will eat it when I please. My favorite restaurant in Miami is Tarpon Bend. I am in love with their sweet potato fries.

Go-to spot to grab a drink?
CK: Little Havana Visitor Center on Calle Ocho. The owners make an amazing Cuban coffee.

What’s it like to have so many eyes on you on Instagram?
CK: I have to be very careful about what I post. It’s no longer about my friends and me; it’s about all of my followers now. I have to think of how my posts affect others.

Who inspires you?
CK: Every model I work with inspires me. Their dedication and simple movements make the outcome of their work look like art.

Advice to aspiring models?
CK: Stay close to your family.