Charlotte McKinney Answers Our Rapid Fire Questions


Charlotte McKinney Answers Our Rapid Fire Questions

By Patricia Tortolani | April 11, 2020 | People

A quick-fire round with Charlotte McKinney.


How did you start your day today?
Blue Bottle Coffee and hot yoga.

Favorite scent?
Chocolate in the oven.

Beauty ritual that you follow every day?
Dr. Barbara Sturm cleanser and hyaluronic acid.

Favorite thing to eat?

Least favorite thing to eat?
Anything processed.

Style icon?
Claudia Schiffer in the ’90s.

First job?
The Surf Expo in Orlando. I snuck in underage.

Describe yourself in three words.
Funny, caring, outgoing.

Favorite slang?
I have both my grandfathers’ Irish temper, so I say the F word way too much.

Spirit animal?
A dolphin.

Favorite dance move?
The booty pop.

Any nicknames?

Photography by: RIOCAM