Chester Zoda MD Is Helping Doctors and Experts Break The System


Chester Zoda MD Is Helping Doctors and Experts Break The System

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | November 4, 2022 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post


Nobody could have anticipated the pandemic. Doctors, healthcare workers, and hospitals had it the worst out of any profession. The entire healthcare system was under constant fire, overwhelmed, overbooked, and understaffed. Chester Zoda MD was a practicing doctor during this time and experienced firsthand all the negative effects it had on doctors and experts.

Throughout the healthcare crisis, Dr. Zoda worked 80-100 hour work weeks, doing everything he could to keep up on the frontline. Constantly working that many hours is not suitable for anyone, and Zoda’s mental health began to falter. Eventually, he became worn out to the point where he had no work-life balance, no savings, and a family to feed. He ultimately decided to cut back on medicine and started finding ways to supplement his income, so he can work smarter, not harder.

The automated passive income stream that Dr. Zoda created was developing an online course of videos that would share his expertise on the internet. Many countries around the world don’t have direct access to healthcare and health information, so having health information available online is changing the lives of millions of people around the world and raising their standards for healthcare and education. With thousands of clients using his system, his simple system can help any expert generate anywhere between $10K and $100K per month passively, requiring just “a laptop and desire to help more people,” said Dr. Zoda.

Dr. Zoda is now retired from his practice and dedicates all his time into leading this new generation of experts and entrepreneurs with his education systems in the Digital Doctor University. Digital Doctor University provides every doctor and expert with a fully-automated system to share their expertise digitally, so they can work less, make more, and help more people.

The program was designed by a doctor to help doctors break free of the healthcare bureaucracy and give them back the time to do what they want in life. Digital Doctor University has a proven track record, thousands of successful case studies, and numerous 5-star reviews from Harvard, Cambridge, and NASA experts.

Dr. Chester Zoda has been deemed the “future of online education,” and his reach will only continue to expand. As a doctor, you should be able to work less, make more, and claim back the joy of helping others, and Dr. Zoda is empowering every doctor and expert to do so.

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