Colin Yurcisin Reveals Steps to Utilize Credit, Build an Income, and Gain Financial Freedom


Colin Yurcisin Reveals Steps to Utilize Credit, Build an Income, and Gain Financial Freedom

| April 30, 2021 | Sponsored Post

Colin Yurcisin is a credit consultant who is making waves on the internet for paving the way for hundreds of entrepreneurs and students to achieve financial freedom. He is doing so by helping them to repair and maintain their credit and in the process, build a steady, increasing income. Here, he reveals some secrets to financial freedom through wise use of credit. Let’s delve.


Business credit is the way forward

Although credit is looked upon as debt, Colin explains why he recommends entrepreneurs to use business credit cards. He shares, “It’s more reliable. A typical business card’s credit limit will normally be two to three times the value of your uppermost personal limit.” Colin elaborates, “What this refers to is that if the maximum limit on your personal card is say $1,000, you can make the jump to up to $3,000 in business credit.”

0% interest rate

While one has to pay all of the money back, most business credit cards offer a grace period before charging any interest. Colin shares that most cards offer a 0% interest rate over a period of nine to twelve months. This gives one a fair amount of time to make his business profitable and pay off the loan without having to pay a cent worth of interest.

Build income with points

Colin refers to the bonuses galore that business credit cards come with, which allow one to utilize credit to build income and generate financial freedom. For instance, Colin shares, some cards enable one to use the accrued points from his business investments to sponsor flight tickets, hotels, and rental vehicles. He says, “When you save money on these it naturally leaves more money in your bank account.” One can even enjoy cool benefits like getting free access to airport lounges and co-working spaces with free Wi-Fi, complimentary food, and more. This hack of Colin's is a big hit with students. Through his program, Credit Class, Colin helps hundreds of students go on dream vacations and study tours for free or at a negligible cost by leveraging credit.

Colin has gained recognition as not only a credit connoisseur but also a master traveler . He advises people to look for clauses in the credit company’s manual relating to huge discounts on travel, accommodation, and transportation. He shares that all these are easy to come by if people learn to manage their credit wisely.

Photography by: Colin Yurcisin