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Lino Fayen Launches Miami’s First Collection Suites


Lino Fayen Launches Miami's First Collection Suites

By Nicole Schubert | August 31, 2018 | Lifestyle

Miami has a new runway, and this one is NASCAR ready with South Florida’s first ever Collection Suites, providing car collectors with a unique way to display their prized possessions, entertain, and conduct business all at the same time and place. With “showrooms” ranging from 2,000 to 2,600 square feet, owners will be accessible to a fully automated security and entertainment system, top of the line luxury furnishes and appliances, and a personal private garage leading directly into their suite—solving the problem of adequate storage for luxury vehicles.

So, we sat down with race car driver and developer, Lino Fayen, to hear about how he created this state of the art concept launching this fall, his passion for hot wheels and family lineage of race car drivers, his private collection of automobiles, and his plans for the future. Read on for more:


Lino, tell us about Collection Suites!
LINO FAYEN: Collection Suites is a place for any collector, or any person who really values what they have and wants to keep it in a very safe, secure, and exclusive place. The idea was born out of necessity for us. We are collectors ourselves, and we were having problems with the factor of where to put our cars. We live in apartment buildings, where they only give you two or three parking spots if you’re lucky. So after that, you go to find a good storage facility that might fit your needs, but then, it’s not really somewhere where you can be completely sure that no one is actually looking at your car, getting inside your car, or people actually know that you have it.

A lot of collectors don’t like to show what they have unless if it’s to friends or family, or to combine ideas and exchange knowledge and the history of the cars or the collections that they might have.


What can local car collectors expect to experience at Collection Suites?
LF: What they can experience here is a place where you can hang around the things that you love. A lot of times, cars are put aside in a corner, in a storage unit or in a garage. And you don’t actually look at them or enjoy them unless you’re driving. Where we are right now, we’re having a conversation and we have three beautiful cars behind us and its part of the surrounding, part of the fun, part of the environment. That’s not something that you have in South Florida.

Tell us about accessibility and access.
LF: The owners are the only ones that will have complete access without having to go through security. It can work as a chip, which you can put on any single windshield of your car. Or if you prefer to have a remote control or if you’d rather make a phone call to a direct line that is going to be directly connected to your number unit. There’s a different way to access the complex and unit.

Tell us your story, why cars and why Collection Suites?
LF: My grandfather used to be a race car driver—same name, Lino Fayen. He raced in his 50s, 60s, and part of his 70s. He passed it on to my dad and we’ve always been involved in the car world. Then, when we moved to Miami we started racing in an amateur championship here in South Florida, sometimes Atlanta. We've won some races in Homestead and Daytona.

It’s always been a part of our family, it’s always been a part of our blood. And then because of the fact we started collecting cars. Out of necessity, we started the concept Collection Suites.

Explain to us more the necessity?
LF: Apart from the space, you also have a need for keeping your cars preserved. It’s something that at the end, you’re going to pass it on to your son or daughter. You want it to keep its value.

How will Collection Suites preserve these collectibles?
LF: It’s a little bit of everything. It’s a completely enclosed space, there’s nothing coming in or out. The units all have AC, humidity control, and CO2 control. Maintaining it at 72 degrees Fahrenheit at a low humidity level is the perfect way to maintain your car in a good state.

When did you start learning how to race cars?
LF: The first time was in a go-cart when I was about 11.


And what was your first race?
LF: Back then when I was 11, I think it was in Opa Locka Airport. They have a small go-cart circuit. After that, we went to Homestead, Jacksonville, and some parts of Central Florida.

Who inspired you to start racing?
LF: Back in the day when he used to race, it was Michael Schumacher. He raced for several different teams. I think he was one of the best ones!

Do you still race?
LF: Right now I race with my dad, once every month we go racing together. We just had a race this weekend in Homestead. We did win first and second place in our category on Saturday!

You mentioned you’re an avid collector of cars. What are some of the notables and how many cars are in your family collection right now?
LF: Right now, I think we’re at 16 cars. And I would say a Maserati Mistral, from 1965 that’s being restored right now in Italy. It’s one of 67 or one of 68 built in the world, so it’s a pretty unique car.

How would you like to see Collection Suites grow in the future?
LF: I know that it will become a private a club. The 38 people, or 35 people, that are going to be owners of a suite, I hope that we will all become friends. And since we have the same interests in cars, wines, and collectibles, we’re going to do events like cars and coffee and go down for a poker run to the Keys or to Homestead. I want to organize trips so we can enjoy what we like.

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