CratosAM CEO Adam Multz Launches Bored & Hustling Podcast


CratosAM CEO Adam Multz Launches Bored & Hustling Podcast

By: Evan Arroyo. By: Evan Arroyo. | August 4, 2022 | People Sponsored Post


Millions of listeners are drawn each week to podcasts due to the variety of topics on offer and the diversity of people who host them. What previously began as a niche platform tucked away in the corner of a smartphone has become a billion-dollar market. Entrepreneurial and self-help programs lead the cultural charge as flexible working and financial freedom grow in attraction. The CEO of CratosAM, Adam Multz, has recently launched his entry into the podcast space.

The show, entitled Bored & Hustling, released its first episode on Sunday, July 26th. Co-hosted by Multzʼs long-time friend Jon Richardson, its focus is on business, culture, and friendship. In tone, it marks a light-hearted departure from Multzʼs storied entrepreneurial career.

“Bored & Hustling is the full story of how all of our companies came to be,” Multz stated. “Although we were bored at work, we were always hustling in the background. Work might be paying the bills or making the most sense, but there are more than 40 hours in a week, and we had things to get done.”

“I have a lot of strong opinions, and I feel like the world needs to hear them,” Richardson added in the showʼs first episode, ‘The Manifestation.ʼ “Itʼs not cocky—I think I have a unique perspective that the world should hear.”

Podcasts hosted by successful business leaders have increased dramatically in audience share since the 2020 pandemic. Where previously entrepreneurs may have been expert interviewees, they now take on a new role as personalities and figureheads for audio-based media. Bored & Hustling, Multzʼs entry into that genre can be consumed in video or audio form on all of the biggest podcast platforms and plans to release new episodes monthly.

The showʼs title is a two-fold reference to Multzʼs primary projects in the business and NFT worlds. CratosAM, of which he is the CEO, is an internet marketing company based in Florida that creates campaigns and strategies for businesses. Increasingly, NFT creation forms a part of those strategies—Bored Ape Yacht Club is among the most lucrative projects in the space. It is thought a growing number of companies will look to blend tokens into their standard offering as Web3 gains momentum. Facebookʼs transition to Meta is one such example.

“The podcast is based around the ideology that there is a grind to every aspect of life,” Multz explained. “You can be bored of what youʼre doing, but that doesnʼt mean you should ever stop hustling. You have to keep working, moving, and grinding.”

Photography by: Adam Multz