Getting to Know One of the Founders of PRACE: The App That Is Revolutionizing the Staffing Industry in Miami

| July 5, 2019 | Lifestyle

It all began with just one goal: to make the difference by taking advantage of all opportunities along the way. And it has been that way from the very beginning twenty years ago, when Cristian Longo began his journey in the Hospitality Industry cleaning public areas at a Hotel in South Florida.


Throughout the years, he was able to hold various positions in respectable Hospitality and Cleaning companies. From cleaning to supervising and managing the Operation of those companies, it all gave Mr. Longo the knowledge and experience to become the Chief Executive Officer of one of the biggest Staffing Companies in South Florida.


Throughout this journey, Mr. Longo has faced multiple challenges which have taken him to scale the business. His leadership skills, together with his expertise in the Hospitality Business, have allowed him to go beyond the existent, and aim for something bigger.

Mr. Longo’s main goal has remained the same. He has very well taken advantage and made the best out of each opportunity. He is passionate about the Industry and does not settle for anything. And all this, along with being a visionary and strategic man, have taken Mr. Longo and his team to go to the next level: combining the Industry’s needs for immediate attention and for a high-quality service, with the experience of providing Hospitality Properties with the qualified candidates they need to offer an immediate solution to the Client’s needs through a technological platform.

Mr. Longo partnered up with two entrepreneurs to develop a tool to provide timely assistance to businesses in need of staff for temporary jobs in the Hospitality Industry. They combined the experience in Hospitality Management, Software Development and Business Administration and created PRACE, the state-of-the-art phone application that helps businesses find talent fast and easy. PRACE is the right solution as it connects people looking to make additional income and businesses that need experienced workers right away.


In accordance with Mr. Longo, team work is one of the determining factors to business success. Therefore, him and his two partners, have successfully launched this application which has a large database of verified workers with proven experience in Hospitality in various positions, allowing them to work for clients who benefit from their talent to cover temporary shifts. In just a few clicks away, PRACE’s algorithm satisfies and resolves the struggle to find experienced candidates and the need for additional income of workers.

As Mr. Longo expressed it, PRACE is the solution to the ongoing headache of finding talent for temporary jobs in hospitality. It is helping businesses with innovative staffing solutions while helping people in our community earn additional income for their households. Mr. Longo and his team are disrupting the Staffing Business!

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