Miami Looks Towards The Copenhagen Model For Green City Planning Set by Alshair Fiyaz

By Tommy Herd | October 8, 2019 |

Inspiring the city of Miami is the sustainable model community of Bellakvarter, spearheaded by eco conscious investor Alshair Fiyaz.

As cities globally make arrangements to meet the growing needs of population growth, urban sprawl, and co2 emission cut backs, Fiyaz has created the new gold standard precedent to follow.

In Copenhagen, Fiyaz has built out the green-energy district called Bellakvarter, whose forward thinking design significantly reduces greenhouse gas production and waste, while at the same time allowing for a bustling ecosystem of businesses, international conferences, and upscale community living.


At the forefront of this effort are plans for central wind power to serve as the entire neighborhood’s primary energy source. The wind turbines are expected to generate a whopping 1.2 Million Kilo Watts of power per year– lessening the city’s former reliance on power plants.

To learn more about the city and the inspiring model it has put forth, check out



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