Secrets to Social Media Success By Influencer Ashley Liz

By Tommy Herd | October 8, 2019 |

Ocean Drive sat down with rising social media Star Ashley Liz Cooper to find out why she’s one of the fastest growing Gen Z influencers.

In this exclusive interview, Ashley shares the secrets to creating original & engaging content, growing a thriving digital audience, and curating a coherent brand across her channels.


OD: What is your unique selling point?

My unique selling point is that I am extremely authentic with my audience, especially via my Instagram stories. I like to post videos of my friends and I doing different things and having fun, I also like to share quotes, light-hearted but informative takes on social issues, and even just what clothes I’m wearing. I like to share as much as possible, without being fake or putting on a show. Instagram is fun for me and I hope to share the fun side with my viewers versus the “perfect” side of social media.

OD: How would you describe the voice and tone of your content:

The voice of my brand is boujee without being fake. The behind the scenes look I show, I think helps give it that vibe. I get a lot of feedback from my audience that they like to see my girl’s nights in but also me traveling the world and working really hard. I think my audience respects the balance in my life and I hope I can inspire others to create balance in their life as well.

OD: Is there a specific type of content you highlight or that resonates best with your audience?

I want my consumers and fans of my content to know me for me and my authentic self. I also want them to appreciate my creative side and for them to watch me grow. As I transition more into the modeling world versus Instagram modeling world, I want my followers to truly see my journey for the sake of both entertainment and advice for young girl or boys who may want to lead a similar life.

What is the impact or the call to action that you’re seeking to drive through your content?

I want my call to action to be to grow more of a following so I can use a bigger platform to spread a positive message.


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