Curating a Cool Bracelet Stack

—LIANA LOZADA | October 8, 2012 | The Latest Homepage Latest

1 - Curating a Cool Bracelet Stack
Models wearing stacked bracelets from Jewels by Dunn

When Taryn Aronson launched her South Florida-based accessories line, Jewels by Dunn, she had no intention of catering to the stacked bracelet trend. But her line’s ultra mixable friendship, beaded, and cuff bracelets made their way onto Hollywood's most coveted wrists, being snapped up by the likes of Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry. Needless to say, Aronson’s bracelet sales took off and stackable wrist candy became her signature. Here, Aronson gives a bracelet mix-and-match how-to for an eclectic yet composed look.

1. Pick a focal piece: A focal piece is something that will draw eyes to your wrist—something that won’t get lost in the bundle. Once you pick a focal (one or two max) then you move out from there. Complement the focals with bangles, which can be the same metal as your main bracelet or a contrast metal. Next, add a few daintier pieces, like thin string bracelets, rope, or leather.

2. Stick to odd numbers: I say the more the merrier, but always keep your total to an odd number like 3, 5, or 7. Even numbers can look unbalanced, as you are usually working around your focals.

3. Add a pop of color: Don't be afraid to feature a pop of color, a bit of texture, or a bold statement item as your focal piece. Have fun!

4. Work in a watch: A ton of my clients are always accessorizing around their watches. I love keeping the watch in the middle and adding funky pieces around it that won't take away from the watch, but accent it. Our arrow, spike, and skull bangles are the “It” accessory for watches. Put one on each side of the watch and add a funky beaded bracelet on the far end of your wrist to pull it all together.

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