Model Daniella Beckerman on her Top Miami Hangouts & Beauty Secrets


Model Daniella Beckerman on her Top Miami Hangouts & Beauty Secrets

By Katie Jackson | September 17, 2018 | People

For Elite model Daniella Beckerman, Miami is a place to relax and recharge (and maybe indulge in an ice cream cone or two) between shoots in exotic destinations.


How were you discovered?
DANIELLA BECKERMAN: I went into an open call in Miami when I was 15. I wasn’t really expecting anything considering that I looked very young and was not the tallest. I ended up leaving with a signed contract with the agency. I love that story because it shows that if you really want something in life, it is worth trying to make it happen.

Favorite shoot?
DB: I just shot a campaign with Banana Moon in Tulum. We went to a cenote, which is a deep natural well. I dove in and swam around. It was a dream.

If you weren’t a model…
DB: I would make my own music. I have been playing the piano almost my whole life, but dance and electronic music is what I’d want to create.

Go-to Miami hangout?
DB: The Fontainebleau. I like hanging out by the pool and at La Côte. It’s a great atmosphere. Love a girls’ night at Bâoli, too.

Cheat meal?
DB: Kith ice cream! It’s my weakness.

Tell us your beauty secrets…
DB: I apply coconut oil or castor oil on the ends of my hair before I go to sleep. I also take vitamin B complex for my hair, skin and nails.

What’s the one product you can’t live without?
DB: Aquaphor! I use it as a lip balm probably 20 times a day.

Tips on social media?
DB: Don’t let it drive you away from your true self. It’s good to always self-reflect and make sure things like that aren’t pulling you away from who you are.

Who inspires you?
DB: I look up to Victoria’s Secret models like Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

Advice to aspiring models?
DB: You have to have tough skin to succeed in the modeling industry; it’s full of rejection. But I learned to let the rejection motivate me to work harder.