Defi Pioneer Matteo Zago Explains Why Decentralized Finance Matter to You


Defi Pioneer Matteo Zago Explains Why Decentralized Finance Matter to You

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | June 1, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


As an emerging technology, decentralized finance has already become a market disruptor in the digital realm. With the introduction of the new iteration of the internet, Web3, Defi has further unlocked endless possibilities for investors around the world. Matteo Zago, one of the pioneers in DeFi and cryptocurrency, believes that this technology will unfold more opportunities in the future. Matteo, a successful Web3 investor and also a best-selling author, recognized the hidden potential of crypto back in a time when it was considered a scam. Now the growth of crypto only proves his unparalleled assessment and knowledge in this industry.

Matteo started his journey during his college days after realizing he had bigger dreams. He knew that a low-paying 9 to 5 job was not his cup of tea, so he decided not to pursue a university degree and instead follow his dreams. Even after his family and friends discouraged him, Matteo persisted in his journey. He frantically searched the internet to discover ways to make money, and that is how he started learning while building his career.

In his 20s, Matteo took financial risks as an investor without following a traditional career path. Thankfully, he found some incredible advisors along the way who helped him navigate the space. Back then, Facebook introduced a bunch of opportunities, and online affiliate marketing was one of them. Matteo knew this was the beginning and dedicated all his time to learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. At 22, Matteo was making more money than any of his friends. Even though the people around him thought this was an accidental success, Matteo continued.

Matteo used the money he made online to invest in cryptocurrency when it was seen as a fud or scam. He realized the potential of crypto and continued investing. The growing popularity of crypto as a mainstream digital investment platform only proves Matteo’s assessment skills as a seasoned investor. Matteo is now a well-known name in the digital realm. He has been featured in many renowned media outlets.

Matteo shared his knowledge about social media through two books titled The Facebook Bible and The Twitter Marketing Guide. These books were ranked best sellers on Amazon in 2014. Matteo was also the first to map out the term “Web3” much before it became popular. He was the first to explain the concept of Web3 and characterize it with blockchain technology in one of his articles. This revolutionary article on the importance of Web3 gained immense publicity and was also referenced by several publications, including the famous Crunchbase.

Even after accomplishing several milestones in his career as an investor, Matteo has his roadmap planned for the next five years. Considering the current scenario of the world economy that is likely to drop in the near future, Matteo Zago is hopeful to leverage this opportunity to strike more lucrative deals. Just as he ventured into crypto when it was an uncertain “scammy” avenue, he believes that Web3 has more opportunities for investors in DeFi to drive incredible growth.

Photography by: Courtesy of Matteo Zago