Diamond Washington Announces the Launch of Her Hair and Beauty Products Line


Diamond Washington Announces the Launch of Her Hair and Beauty Products Line

| April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Since ancient times, diamonds have not only symbolized an otherworldly beauty, they've also portrayed great strength and resilience. These rare gems may look fragile but are built to last, something Diamond Washington certainly has in common with the jewel she is a namesake of.

A name like Diamond Washington takes some living up too, but to date, the social media influencer, also known as 'Dimeracks,' has led a life that sparkles as well as dazzles like the precious gem. And judging by the reception of her new hair-and-beauty product line, it looks likely that the young entrepreneur's star is about to shine even brighter.

"I'm extremely excited to announce my arrival in the hair and beauty industry," explains Washington. "It's a dynamic and creative sector and an area where I feel I have a lot to contribute."

In her own words, Washington has always been "extremely confident," but it wasn't until two years ago that she made the move that transformed her life.

Washington explains, "I combined my outgoing personality, my natural flirtatiousness, and experience with the camera to carve a career on subscription-based app Only Fans. Fortunately, this was a business that flourished as opposed to failing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has made me a very wealthy lady."

With great wealth comes great responsibility, and as an individual who was all too aware of the devastation wreaked on the economy by COVID-19, Washington was adamant about giving something back.

She says, "I believe in working hard, but by the same token, I'm extremely grateful for what I've got and that I'm in a position to provide for my family. Through no fault of their own, I know how many people have had their livelihoods and sources of income destroyed by Covid-19. That's why I'm a big believer in giving something back."

To date, Washington has donated nearly USD 20,000 to the homeless and single-parent families and is currently working on plans to get a food truck service up and running.

"Entrepreneurship to me is about serving the community and bettering yourself as an individual," reveals Washington. "That's why I am so excited about my new line of hair and beauty products. I know there'll be a huge demand for what we're offering, and with the profits generated, it'll provide even more opportunity to give something back. It's a win-win situation all around!"

Photography by: Diamond Washington