Discussing Career, Growth and Motivation with Uğur Aslan


Discussing Career, Growth and Motivation with Uğur Aslan

| April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post


Starting an agricultural distributorship business with his wife, Asli Tracan, in 2005, moving into the Health, Tourism, and Cosmetic sectors at different times, successful entrepreneur Uğur Aslan is a successful businessman in the cosmetic industry. As the CEO of a leading cosmetic company in Turkey, Uğur Aslan has put in the necessary work to get to where he has reached in the entrepreneurial space.

A university graduate of Economics, Uğur Aslan started as an entrepreneur-investor after graduating from the university, owning businesses in different sectors and investing in a few growing companies. He has since built a solid reputation for himself in these sectors. He continues to provide value through hard work, putting the people's needs at the forefront of his decisions to own or invest in businesses.

His entrepreneurial journey so far has not been smooth. Still, he has principles that help him stay on track and become a successful entrepreneur being the CEO of a leading cosmetic company in Turkey. Below are the principles that have helped him so far

Learning is an essential part of life, and to know, we have to learn. Lifelong learning is taking opportunities to always learn in various situations a person finds themselves in. Uğur Aslan loves to share to learn while sharing knowledge. He takes every opportunity to learn.

Seize the Future

There are gaps to fill in every sector, and these gaps, if bridged, add value to people. Uğur Aslan believes himself to be a futuristic person and seeks ways to seize the opportunities that the future holds.


Uğur Aslan says, "I like to follow information, technology, the world, and the world agenda from the front." To seize the future, one needs to be able to find necessary and relevant information with opportunities to add value to people.

Photography by: Uğur Aslan