Wilhelmina's DJ Millie on Her Beauty Secrets & Miami Hot Spots


Wilhelmina's DJ Millie on Her Beauty Secrets & Miami Hot Spots

By Katie Jackson | April 15, 2019 | People

Wilhelmina model DJ Millie on spinning for Serena Williams and why she should produce Beyoncé's next hit.


Where did you grow up?
DJ MILLIE: South Pasadena, Calif.

Recent shoots?
DJ MILLIE: I have a campaign coming out with Morphe Cosmetics really soon that I’m beyond excited about. And I’ve worked with brands like Urban Decay, YSL and Aldo. I used to save up my money to buy their products, so it’s been quite the journey.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a shoot?
DJ MILLIE: I hung out of a Rolls-Royce with Alessandra Ambrosio for a Cîroc campaign shot by Mario Testino.

Top songs on your playlist right now?
DJ MILLIE: ‘Girls Need Love’ by Summer Walker, ‘Needy’ by Ariana Grande and Nipsey Hussle’s entire album Victory Lap.

Favorite gig you’ve played?
DJ MILLIE: I DJed Serena Williams’ clothing line pop-up for three days straight, and she was present all three days. It was an honor to be around such strong women and make them dance!

Dream collab?
DJ MILLIE: Beyoncé. I’m starting to produce music and I know exactly what our song would sound like, and the world needs it.

What makes you feel sexy?
DJ MILLIE: Smelling good. I’m into perfume and smelling yummy.

Any hidden talents?
DJ MILLIE: I can kinda sing?

What are your beauty secrets?
DJ MILLIE: Exfoliating! My favorite exfoliating scrub is ExfoliKate by Kate Somerville. And a La Mer moisturizer. I also live for Korean skincare sheet masks.

What’s a place you’ve never been but are dying to go to?
DJ MILLIE: Bali and Africa.

Fitness routine? Favorite studio in Miami and why?
DJ MILLIE: I take barre classes and I’m super committed to it. The best classes are at Equinox.

Go-to spot in Miami to grab a drink?

Advice to aspiring models/musicians?
DJ MILLIE: When you feel like giving up, don’t.