Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar Credits His Resilience and Highly Methodical Approach for His Success


Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar Credits His Resilience and Highly Methodical Approach for His Success

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Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar is an extremely successful cosmetic doctor who is innovating the world of aesthetics through non-surgical procedures. Dr. El Muntasar, who currently owns a successful business with three locations in the United Kingdom, has a long and star-studded list of celebrity clients.

Dr. Ahmed took a chance and invested in himself early on. He spent the first 16 years of his life in Libya. Fluent in Arabic and eager to learn and grow, he moved to the UK to pursue his education. Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar completed an MSc in Medical Education and Leadership at the University College London. When asked about his success, he credits two main things: methodical thinking and resilience.

“I moved to the United Kingdom alone and at an early age. I was extremely determined to follow my passions, which were medicine and entrepreneurship. At the time, I faced difficulty just as any newcomer would. But soon, I realized that every time I faced challenges, I was growing stronger and more resilient. To any aspiring business owner or a doctor who wants to create a name for him or herself, I would say don’t give up because that’s the only way to achieve things,” he shares.

Dr. Ahmed’s medical training taught him how to be extremely analytical, prioritize tasks, and be highly organized. He credits those aspects as the leading force behind his medical practice. “If you’re looking to start a business from scratch, you need to be super organized and very methodical. Just as you perform a surgery and have to be incredibly precise, the same applies to business. You have to think a couple of moves ahead and have a solid strategy in place to make it,” he advises.

Moreover, Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar makes a point that it’s not selfish to invest in oneself. “Many young people would say that they don’t want to be selfish and focus only on themselves. But the truth is that when you’re trying to set up a medical practice, or any other venture for that matter, you have to zero in on yourself. If not, you’ll end up wasting precious time. My biggest investment in myself was moving to the UK. Had I not had the guts to, or thought it selfish, I would have never opened my practice that is now disrupting the way things are done in aesthetics surgery and non-surgical procedures, and I would not have helped all the thousands of patients that I’ve had the pleasure of working with,” he says.

Dr. Ahmed strives to revolutionize the world of dermatology and aesthetics surgery by decreasing the recovery time and making procedures less invasive. He always goes above and beyond for his patients and is single-handedly making a change in the industry.

Photography by: Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar