Dr. Bal Raj Talks About Common Sports Injuries From CrossFit


Dr. Bal Raj Talks About Common Sports Injuries From CrossFit

by Evan Arroyo by Evan Arroyo | May 3, 2021 | Sponsored Post


Dr. Raj is a certified orthopedic surgeon in Canada and the USA. He began practicing orthopedic surgery 15 years ago and has established offices in Dubai and Beverly Hills. He specializes in sports injuries, joint arthritis, and extremity surgery. Most of the sports injuries result from CrossFit, a strength conditioning workout made up of functional movement performed at a high-intensity level. Some injuries resulting from CrossFit include neck and back injuries, knee injuries, hip injuries, shoulder injuries, and joint injuries. Patients having sports injuries due to CrossFit benefit from Pilates Stem cell therapy. They can turn back time with stem cell therapy and peptide therapy to accelerate healing. These treatments also help in the flexibility of the injured person.

Dr. Raj is a high-profile celebrity surgeon who has clients from all over the world including politicians, celebrities in the entertainment industry, athletes, and weekend warriors. He offers top surgical and non-surgical treatments for sports injuries. His surgical and non-surgical treatment methods have received many celebrity endorsements. Dr. Raj has an excellent bedside manner where he is attentive to his patients and understands their concerns. He takes a holistic approach to orthopedic surgery. His treatment methods involve the East meeting the West — a combination of best practices from around the world to deliver the best results for patients.

Throughout his career, he has had numerous endorsements and the recent one came from Anderson Silva, the MMA fighter. Besides the bedside manner and concierge approach Dr. Raj uses for his clients, he has managed to stand out as an orthopedic surgeon because of constantly working with new technologies. He is the only orthopedic surgeon who mixes holistic and western medicine focused on anti-aging and anti-aging of the joints in his treatments.

Dr. Raj has a lot of success stories in his career as an orthopedic surgeon. He worked with WebMD as a specialist writer and worked with ABC News as their medical consultant in the past. He is a preferred network orthopedic surgeon whose advice is sought by a lot of people. As a Stem cell therapy pioneer in the USA, he regularly makes appearances on media to help people with their problems related to sports injuries.

At the beginning of his career, Dr. Raj was not well known, and he had to make a name for himself by providing the best services for his patients. His excellent bedside manner and reputation as a top surgeon propelled him towards a lot of success. Dr. Raj started including new technologies in his line of work, which aided in excellent results and changed patient lives. He currently receives a lot of media requests for his opinions related to orthopedics.

Dr. Raj draws his biggest motivation from himself and advises other people to pursue what they love the most and focus on the positives to realize success. He has an aspiration to have many clinics with his concept licensed. One of his biggest challenges that he has faced in his orthopedic career is COVID insurance issues not covering his services.

Book an appointment with Dr. Raj on the website of his practice. You can also follow him and his work on Instagram and TikTok.

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