“Concierge Services Are the New Trend in Plastic Surgery,” Says Dr. Humberto Palladino


“Concierge Services Are the New Trend in Plastic Surgery,” Says Dr. Humberto Palladino

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Plastic surgery is one of the most lucrative fields for a doctor to get involved in. Fortune Business Insights pegged it at around $50.76 billion in 2018 and steadily increasing. Yet, the biggest problem in plastic surgery is the sheer amount of competition the market generates. Most private practices have managed to get noticed through their efforts on social media. Unfortunately, they still seem to be having a hard time landing their messages with their core demographics. Dr. Humberto Palladino has taken this one step further by creating a concierge plastic surgery practice with impressive results.

From Argentina to the World

Dr. Palladino started life in Argentina, coming from a family of physicians. His passion drove him to explore the world of plastic surgery, resulting in several charitable trips abroad to help change people’s lives in impoverished countries. His dedication to this task won him the Champion of Hope Award in 2017 from Smile Network International. This foray into those countries taught him the value of bringing hope and joy to others. It's a mentality that followed him all the way back to the US.

He eventually settled in the US and opened the current practice alongside his brother, Gabriel. Today, he operates his practice, Top Aesthetics, out of South Florida. The business he offers deals with all aspects of transportation, private care, massages, and private suites, all arranged to suit his clients’ pockets. This adaptability makes him an in-demand plastic surgeon.

Dealing With Patient Care First

As is evident from his track record, Dr. Palladino has had great success in providing high-quality patient care. Post-operative aftercare is crucial to recovery after cosmetic surgery. This understanding has made Dr. Palladino's practice one of note in the South Florida region; Top Aesthetics has a proven track record for safety and patient satisfaction. Not only does the practice deal with local patients, but also those from other states and countries.

Moving Into the 21st Century

Dr. Palladino's goal isn't to just develop another run-of-the-mill cosmetic surgery practice. He's invested a lot of time and money into bringing Top Aesthetics into the modern age. The business's proprietary patient management system utilizes automation alongside AI technology to keep its records up-to-date. Thanks to this efficient management of patient data, follow-ups are a simple process. The information gathered and held on file also helps create a more personalized experience for the consumer, making them even more attracted to the doctor's practice.

A New Face of Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Palladino's look at the world of plastic surgery allows for a business that focuses on the clients first. This focus is a prime example to follow since consumers prefer having that sort of personalized approach in this day and age. The doctor is currently at work building a state-of-the-art facility that will allow other surgeons to train and learn from him. In the future, there may be more plastic surgeons choosing to deliver services using his business practice as the template.

Photography by: Dr. Humberto Palladino