Edikan Adiakpan Reveals 5 Vital Life Lessons That Changed His Perception of Success


Edikan Adiakpan Reveals 5 Vital Life Lessons That Changed His Perception of Success

| May 12, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Everyone has their own definition of what it means to be successful. For some, you’ve reached success when you’ve become financially independent; yet for others, achieving a good work-life balance is the true sign of success. Entrepreneur Edikan Adiakpan, founder of the luxury concierge service Akama Lifestyle, shares that his perception of success has changed over the years. Here, he reveals the five life lessons that caused his perception of success to change.

1. Your attitude controls your success

Edikan Adiakpan learned firsthand that your success is ultimately defined by your attitude. If you approach each challenge with a confident, positive attitude, then you will always feel like you have achieved something.

2. You can learn from failure

Edikan warns against fearing failure, he believes that experiencing a setback can often open up new opportunities that you might have otherwise missed. Failure can also be a great motivator to try harder.

3. Never compare yourself to others

According to Edikan, it can be very easy to compare what you have achieved to the accomplishments of those around you. But he shares that everyone is on their own individual journey and comparing yourself to others can lead you to doubt your own unique abilities.

4. Everyone started somewhere

Edikan shares that starting at the bottom can sometimes be the surest route to reach the top. He encourages always taking the first step towards your ultimate goal, no matter how small that step may seem.

5. You are enough

Edikan believes there is a danger in thinking that you will only reach true success if you have a certain amount of wealth or power. As per him, every person is equipped with the tools they need to reach their definition of success.

Life lessons can be hard-earned and we will all suffer setbacks on our journey to success, but according to Edikan Adiakpan, every life lesson is worth learning from.

Photography by: Edikan Adiakpan