Efthymios Savvidis: The Young Social Media Marketer That Everyone Is Talking About


Efthymios Savvidis: The Young Social Media Marketer That Everyone Is Talking About

| April 22, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Social media marketing over the past years has seen many changes. It has become one of the best ways to market products and services. The determination and commitment to be a good social media marketer may make social media marketing seem like a competitive industry. But if one has the passion for it, then anything is possible. Among the new breed of successful social media marketers is Efthymios Savvidis.

Efthymios, aka Makis, is a 16-year-old from Greece who has established a successful and promising career in social media marketing. His social media marketing career is based around Instagram as it’s the platform that suits his content best. He enjoys a massive reach on Instagram, able to reach over three million users with his posts. He works with businesses, rappers, Instagram models, and other celebrities by advertising their brands on his Instagram network. He is already making a name for himself in social media marketing. Makis has recently launched his digital agency, Advanced Media, which is working with a lot of individuals and businesses, offering them effective marketing strategies for their growth on social media. He has achieved all this success in two years and the future looks promising for him.

Efthymios worked hard to become a social media marketer. He understood that Instagram is his forte and that he needed to understand the working of the Instagram algorithm to be successful as a social media marketer. He has invested heavily in learning everything to do with social media marketing and creating a network of friends with whom he shares his knowledge and ideas on social media marketing. His brand has grown to be among the most sought-after ones for social media marketing. His unique ability to generate content with a personalized touch and add value has made him valuable for brands. Within two years, he has been successful in his ability to gain a large following and attracting many clients including rappers, Instagram models, and reputable businesses. He can be reached on his Instagram account where he is very active.

He encountered many challenges and obstacles and he endured and conquered them all. His greatest mistake was trusting a lot of people who did not have his best interest in their hearts. He faced a major setback due to this that derailed his growth. He believes that he would be in a far better position as a social media marketer if it wasn’t for the mistakes he committed. He wants others to learn from his mistakes and not make them.

He encourages aspiring social media marketers to be more patient and set goals for their progress. the small achievements they have will bring in the belief that all is possible and make them more motivated. On finding new clients, he advises marketers to be more patient, create unique content, and build their network. Finally, Efthymios encourages every aspiring marketer to not give up on their dreams — it takes a lot of determination and resilience to be a successful social media marketer.

Photography by: Efthymios Savvidis