Emery Holmes Shares How Entrepreneurs Can Cope With Stress


Emery Holmes Shares How Entrepreneurs Can Cope With Stress

by Evan Arryoro by Evan Arryoro | May 18, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Being a successful entrepreneur leading a 7-figure business is impossible without effort. Before Emery Holmes reached a level in the entrepreneurship industry where he is qualified to mentor aspiring businessmen, he struggled. This means that he knows firsthand what it feels like to pursue a venture. Therefore, he made it his mission to ease the burdens of entrepreneurs for future generations.

One of the most significant difficulties that entrepreneurs face is dealing with stress. Those who want to go higher should aim to do more, and that mindset can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. In fact, that applies regardless if they are just starting out in business or are already working in an industry or are a leader in an industry. Knowing how to handle pressure will always be necessary for finding success in whatever business you are in.

Emery Holmes’ Tips on How to Overcome Stress

One of the many reasons entrepreneurs under Emery Holmes’ mentorship attained success is that he prioritizes teaching how to manage stress. He believes the best way to win in any industry is by performing at 110%. According to Emery, everyone should find out what they need to do in order to overcome stress.

Take a break once in a while

Resting is the most obvious way to relieve stress. Even though it is obvious, many entrepreneurs fail to do it. For someone who has a lot of passion for their venture, taking a break can seem irresponsible. They believe that if they dedicate the time they would use to rest and do something productive, they can be more successful. While that’s not an entirely wrong mindset, ignoring rest also has the potential to be destructive.

As long as it is done responsibly, resting can be really beneficial to relieving stress, and Emery Holmes can attest to that. If you overwork your body and brain and do not give yourself a break, you will experience fatigue. As a result, instead of being productive like you intended to be, the quality of your work will only decrease. In the end, you will just feel frustrated at your lack of success.

Engage in stress-relieving exercises

It may sound somewhat contradictory, but exercise can be just as beneficial to relieve mental strain as taking a rest. Putting your body under physical pressure can be tiring, but it is one of the best ways to combat stress, especially when performed regularly.

When a person engages in physical activities, the stress hormones in their body, such as cortisol, decrease. This can also optimize the release of endorphins, which are chemicals produced in the brain to relieve stress. Exercising has even been proven to improve sleep quality and make a person feel more confident about themselves.

Spend time with other people

Aside from responsibly taking occasional breaks and exercising regularly, social support can also help in overcoming stress. According to Emery Holmes, speaking his mind to the people around him has helped his mental wellbeing more than he thought it would. So being part of a supportive network can give a person a sense of belonging that can really help them remain steadfast through tough times.

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