Eric Spofford Purchases Stunning Mansion on the Venetian Islands


Eric Spofford Purchases Stunning Mansion on the Venetian Islands

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | June 14, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


Eric Spofford is not only a highly successful entrepreneur but also an incredibly savvy real estate developer and investor. He recently sold his addiction treatment business for over 9 figures and is now focusing on his entrepreneurial investment firm, Spofford Enterprises.

Spofford Enterprises specializes in real estate, venture capital, and entrepreneurial coaching. They currently manage a mid-9 figure mixed portfolio of multi-family and commercial properties. Spofford recently purchased a stunning waterfront mansion on the Venetian Islands, which he gave a full tour of on his YouTube Channel. The property was originally built in 2006 and features 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, a movie theater, a rooftop pool, a 12-person jacuzzi, a private dock, a hammam, and a sauna.

Located in the heart of Miami, its central location is what appealed most to Eric. He added, “I’m looking forward to hosting networking events and social gatherings in my new home. The idea is to help positive, like-minded people come together and grow.”

When asked why he chose to purchase his new home in Miami, Eric explained, “First off, I love Miami, and second, it was a strategic decision as Miami has become the number one networking hub in the nation. It may sound cliché, but your network really is your net worth.” With new businesses and business owners flocking to Miami, Eric makes a great point.

Eric was able to negotiate a price he was happy with when he purchased the property; his advice to others is to stay unemotional when making deals. “Emotions will cloud your judgment while negotiating; emphasize that you’re willing to walk away from the deal at any point. You need to have a mindset of abundance; there are countless deals; if one falls through, you just move to the next.”

Eric splits his time between Miami and New Hampshire. Spofford Enterprises’ headquarters are in Salem, New Hampshire – which is where Eric is originally from.

Since relocating to Miami, Eric has opened a new Spofford Enterprises office in Brickell and has launched a yacht chartering business called ‘Bonus Round Charters.’

If you’re interested in learning more about Eric, please check him out on Instagram.

Photography by: Courtesy of: Eric Spofford