Everse Capital Seeks to Expand the Limits of Web3.0, Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse


Everse Capital Seeks to Expand the Limits of Web3.0, Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | February 8, 2022 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


According to Galaxy digital, new crypto and blockchain technology projects drew $32.8 Billion in funding last 2021 with over $10.5 billion invested in Q4, the most of any quarter and of 2020 combined. The growth for venture capital funding is expected to increase rapidly in 2022 as investors seek to acquire exposure to various crypto and blockchain projects. Everse Capital, a crypto-native venture capital firm, seeks to expand the limits of Web3.0, Blockchain gaming and metaverse by providing innovative start-ups with their experience, robust network, and efficient capital funding.

Everse Capital recently launched a fund of $30 Million that will enable it to proactively incubate early-stage companies from ideation to project launch. The incubation will not only focus on funding but also deploys advisory, marketing strategies and an experienced network for start-ups to achieve go-to-market success.

This suite of services enabled Everse Capital to effectively build its portfolio projects to be relevant in the crypto space. According to a recent study by Chain Broker, Everse Capital enjoyed an ROI of +2821% in 2021 becoming one of the astute firms in transforming the blockchain and crypto start-up ecosystem.

For their venture motive, Everse Capital says, "We prioritize the value of the ‘Entrepreneur’ and lend our earnest support on Web3, NFT, Metaverse or Gaming. We’ve backed successful projects which resulted in excellent returns and have built one of the strongest grass roots networks in the crypto sphere. We bolster our portfolio companies with our drive to consistently grow our services as a venture capital firm and become the foundational partner in their journey”.

Photography by: Courtesy of Everse