Executive Producer Didi Wong Talks WipeOut, Sopranos, and Money Moves, Her New Project


Executive Producer Didi Wong Talks WipeOut, Sopranos, and Money Moves, Her New Project

by Nishit Sangwan by Nishit Sangwan | May 10, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Didi Wong has her hand in just about everything she can reach. Born In Hong Kong, raised in England, and currently living in Los Angeles, Didi has a wide range of interests. She’s a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, award-winning keynote speaker, business mentor, best-selling author, devoted wife and mother of four, as well as Hollywood Film & TV Producer.

In 2004, Didi started her acting career in HBO hit series, The Sopranos, where she played Jade Escort's character. She also voiced a character in a video game called The Warriors and played a small part in the movie K-Town, but that’s not what she’s most known for.

In 2009, Didi got the chance to be a competitor in Season 2 of Wipeout. Since she’s originally from Hong Kong, her nicknames throughout the episode were “Didi Wong from Hong Kong” and “Speedy Didi”. For those who know the show Wipeout, Didi made it to the final round - the Wipeout Zone, but she fell short and lost to Michelle Hart. Even though she didn’t take home the prize, she was a fan favorite throughout the episode and an “All-Star” contestant!

“I’ve appeared on Wipeout. I believe my personality is what attracts me to entertainment. I was also in one of the biggest shows ever on HBO - The Sopranos, and now I’m working on developing a new show, as an EP, moving behind the cameras!” says Didi.

Her most recent gig is Executive Producer for a new reality TV show called Money Moves. “You can think of Money Moves as the hip-hop version of Shark Tank with a hint of American Idol. It is really all about giving back to the Black Lives Matter Movement and minorities in America. We are helping Black, Latino, Asian, and minority entrepreneurs get up off their feet. The investors and judges on the show are ex-athletes, hip hop stars, and business executives,” says Didi.

“I am also working on Speak Up TV on Amazon Prime Video. Basically, it is the commercialized version of Ted Talk. It is in season 3 right now, and it highlights speakers who have an amazing message,” says Didi.

“I believe we have a responsibility when we have a platform like this to help change lives. I think it is our duty when we’re in this position to share our message of change and get it out there to the masses. That’s why I decided to become an executive producer in the first place,” says Didi.

Photography by: Didi Wong