A Fitness Revolution For A Business Lifestyle and Entrepreneurs: Faction Traning With Eric Janicki


A Fitness Revolution For A Business Lifestyle and Entrepreneurs: Faction Traning With Eric Janicki

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Faction Training is becoming the top-tier choice online fitness and training hub. Thanks to the holistic and sustainable approach with customized solutions, it has become a stand alone model for a particular clientele. While the majority of the fitness industry focuses on those who have time to space, Fitness Training, under Eric Janicki’s guidelines, focuses on entrepreneurs and business people primarily.

Following the norms of the industry, there are 16 week online fitness regimes available for the people with a personalized approach. The team includes at least five coaches that cover different aspects of overall wellness and progression. You learn about nutrition & food quality, gut health, physical performance and even about mental health. Therefore, they deliver a holistic training session.

More importantly, the experts seem to have a good grasp on specific goals of the person. Thus, they can help anyone achieve these goals. Some of these include improving your body’s composition, elevated energy levels, gaining confidence and self-esteem or controlling the eating habits. Under Faction Training’s course, anyone can change their lifestyle for a healthier life with proper strength and performance.

Meet The Founder & CEO: Eric Janicki

For Eric Janicki, it isn’t just about gilding the clients. He looks past that to help them understand the principles. The association to the drive and everyday life enables his clients to learn about the importance of these changes. As a result, there are longer, highly-sustainable results.

Eric Janicki is the CEO who supervises the complete business. The multi-talented entrepreneur is striving to expand his business and improve the methodologies consistently. Under his supervision, Faction Training comprises 3 salespeople, a videographer, an ad consultant and five coaches.

He originates from Chicago, Illinois with three sports varsity in football, lacrosse and volleyball. Apart from his athletic side, he is also finance and economics graduate from Claremont McKenna College. While he retained an impeccable track record in the job sector, he started the training business after realizing his love for guiding and training people to help them feel better and live happier.

Photography by: Eric Janicki