First Look: Flywheel Fitness

—LIANA LOZADA | June 11, 2012 | The Latest Homepage Latest

1 - First Look: Flywheel Fitness
Flywheel weighted bar course

Landing in South Beach on June 16, Flywheel spinning studio brings New York’s hottest workout beachside. The stadium-style indoor cycling facility is a favorite of celebs like Sofia Vergara, Jeremy Piven, and Ivanka Trump.

With high-energy music (thanks to an in-house DJ) and expert instructors, Flywheel offers classes in a state-of-the-art amphitheater appointed with 45 bikes. Spinners can customize and monitor individual resistance, speed, power, and calorie kill via each bike’s tech pack. Performance and workout goals can also be tracked online, and competitive spinners can have their metrics displayed on the Torqboard, which tracks the highest performing cyclers in the class.

Aside from its unique technology, Flywheel offers participants a complimentary towel and cycling shoes for each class, as well as use of showers and spa-like amenities. Spinners can also opt for a 45 or 60 minute weighted bar course to work arms and upper body muscles. Individual spin classes can be purchased for $25, with full memberships beginning at $395 for six months. 1919 Purdy Ave., Miami Beach

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