Food Becomes Art at Miami's Bachour Bakery


Food Becomes Art at Miami's Bachour Bakery

By Page Watkins | September 20, 2019 | Food & Drink

Bachour Bakery delivers casual fine dining with a side of pastry perfection.


Pollock-esque bonbons by Bachour.

We’ll get to the part about the best niçoise salad in Miami in a second. But you cannot begin a story about Bachour Bakery without first paying homage to pastry chef Antonio Bachour and his museumworthy—and mouthwatering—confections. The Puerto Rican-born chef is a ganache god and tarte titan. On any given day, his namesake restaurant is visited by Qatar royalty and TV food personalities who come to pay their respects (and have a Bachour cookbook autographed). While they wait for Bachour to finish teaching one of his pastry workshops in the glass-walled preparation kitchen, they’ll likely enjoy a leisurely lunch. Which gets us to the aforementioned niçoise salad. Part of the joy of visiting Bachour Bakery is that in addition to sensational sweets, the 5,000-square-foot eatery also offers superb dining. Standouts include the Spanish scramble, steak frites and a niçoise with three kinds of tuna, including a fresh confit made in-house. You’ll want to order it all. But make sure to save space for dessert. 2020 Salzedo St., Coral Gables, 305-203-0552,

Photography by: Photography courtesy Bachour Bakery