Francis Volpe's Meteoric Rise Rise to Fame and His Penchant for Digital Marketing


Francis Volpe's Meteoric Rise Rise to Fame and His Penchant for Digital Marketing

by Karishhma Ashwin by Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Digital marketing is one of the most important avenues for companies to sell their products and services in the current landscape. Francis Volpe discovered this at the beginning of his entrepreneurial career, which has led him to great success.


Volpe is the co-Founder of ‘Y Not You Media,’ and he began this venture in 2018. However, it was far from his first profession. Volpe’s first real job was as an assistant loan officer intern for RFA Capital Corp. He was also a marketing intern for Species Nutrition and Rx Muscle in 2015. “I enjoyed the marketing part of my job. I liked figuring out how to sell a product to people that they want and need,” says Volpe. He also gained sales experience while he worked as an agent for New York Life Insurance Company.

His digital marketing career started when he began working as the marketing director for Ufit Gym. “I got the experience and expertise to implement marketing strategies. I learned a lot about the business, but I started to realize I was outgrowing that position,” he adds. Volpe started to feel like something was missing from his life. “I wasn’t doing something I dreamed of. I didn’t feel like I had any independence. I was sick of working for other people,” he reveals. Volpe decided that he wanted to find his passion. He began stunt training and coached a varsity hockey team. He appeared in a few prestigious TV shows as a stuntman. “But what I was doing still didn’t feel right. I wanted to try something new.”

All of this led to his entrepreneurial career as co-founder of ‘Y Not You Media.’ “I just hoped that this was the right avenue for me,” he says. “I’d tried so many things, but I knew by now that I wanted to be in the digital marketing sphere. That’s what made me choose to start the company,” he explains.

‘Y Not You Media’ started to catch on and make a name for itself in New York. Their team helped several clients reach a broader audience and find new business leads. It only took about six months for it to become a six-figure company, and they were accredited by Forbes in 2019. Volpe was also featured in many media outlets, including the California Herald, Kivo Daily, The American Reporter, and others. All of this success has made Volpe one of the premier members of the entrepreneurial and digital marketing worlds. “It feels amazing when I can help a company thrive. We’ve turned around companies that were having trouble and boosted them up to new heights. That’s what I love to do,” says Volpe.

Francis Volpe thinks that everyone should find their passion so they can live happier, more fulfilled lives. If you don’t have a spark with your current profession, don’t be afraid to strike out on your own and try new things.

Photography by: Francis Volpe